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Capture By George! 2.6 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Making screen captures

Using Capture By George! to make screen captures that is a very simple and intuitive process:
  • Select a screen area you want to capture, dragging and resizing the Frame window. To capture the whole screen, click the Full-screen button.
  • Click the Capture button. The Remote Control thumbnail display will show the screen capture miniature.
To view the screen capture, double-click the Remote Control thumbnail display.

To capture drop-down or pop-up menus, use the Timer feature:
  • Select a screen area you want to capture.
  • Click the Timer button to switch the timer mode on.
  • Click the Capture button. The Timer button icon displays the countdown.
  • Open the menu you want to capture. When the Timer button icon finishes the countdown, the screen capture will be made.

Frequently Asked Questions - Capture By George!

  1. How do I know the exact position and size of the Frame window?
    Make sure the Show rulers option is on. Now you will see the exact coordinates of all four corners of the Frame window as well as its horizontal and vertical dimensions. Note, screen coordinates originate from the point (0, 0) at the top left screen corner.

  2. How to know the captured image dimensions?
    Double-click the thumbnail display to open the View window. Image dimensions are shown at this window status bar.

  3. The Remote Control window showed up in my capture. Can I disable this?
    Of course, you can hide the Remote Control window. Open the Preferences dialog box, then select the Hide Remote Control while capturing option.

Screenshots - More Details

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