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Home DV SenseCapture v1.0.2

Digital video capturing software which can capture video through FireWire connection.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.98

File Size:4,121 KB System:Windows 98/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($19.98) Limitations:Function limitied
Date Added:01-04-2006 Requirements:Pentium III 600 MHz or equivalent

Home DV SenseCapture
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Software Description:
Home DV SenseCapture is digital video capturing software, which has been designed for capturing video through FireWire connection. It has some unique features with advanced capturing controls that have never been seen before.

Using Home DV SenseCapture video preview window, it is really easy to find and organize your videos. Home DV SenseCapture has been researched and built from real consumer view for real consumer came from our own video capturing needs.

Key Features:
  • Advanced date/time difference scene detection (from 1 second up to 999 days); fast and easy changing time difference scene detection
  • Easy switching between DV camcorders; Mute audio for capturing only; Digital stereo audio VU-meter
  • Preview captured video while capturing (faster CPU recommended); Very low frame dropping rate (almost none)
  • Output: AVI DV-Type1 or AVI DV-Type2; on screen tape information: current tape position, current tape date/time
  • Adjustable internal video resolution; Start/stop capturing on next found scene
  • Movie preview with 5-image movie descriptive thumbnail
  • Fast and easy moving through movie; direct movie frame access; Variable speed movie preview; Simultaneous playback 2 or more video (CPU depending)
  • On screen movie information: duration, recorded date/time, tape position, file name, current frame date/time and current frame tape position
  • Mute all movies; Mute single movie; Digital stereo audio VU-meter; Adjustable internal video resolution; Single mouse click still image capture
Editor's Review:
An ideal application for capturing digital video from your digital camcorder! It is made from real consumer view for real consumer use, designed for real home video capturing.

The design of Video preview window meets some special purposes, such as easy finding movies and scenes. Home DV SenseCapture supports multi-playback: play several movies at same time, and then you can choose conveniently the best part to save.

User interface is intuitive and simple. Now with Home DV SenseCapture, you can retain the nicest memory using the least space!

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