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The Recipe Processor 2000 6.2

The Recipe Processor 2000 offers a search function for recipes by ingredient(s), categories, recipe name, directions text, or wildcard.

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Version:6.2 Publisher:The Recipe Processor
File Size:2,993 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($25.00) Limitations:500 recipes per cookbook
Date Added:05-19-2006 Requirements:No special requirements

The main window of The Recipe Processor 2000
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Software Description:

Planning a party or just your evening meal? The Recipe Processor 2000 offers a search function for recipes by ingredient(s), categories, recipe name, directions text, or wildcard. It is so easy to use. It can be easily configured as a single user system, or a multi-user system sharing a database across a LAN.

In preparation for your meal or menu, The Recipe Processor offers the ability to print your shopping list so that you can be assured that no item will be forgotten. An Integrated Spell Checker and On-line help are incorporated.

Also the Recipe Processor contains an integrated meal planner that lets you plan your meals and monitor your nutrition on a daily and weekly basis. It allows you to create your own recipe and to import recipes from many other sources, including scanned recipes. Scan favorite recipes from newspapers and magazines, and store them in the Recipe Processor without the paper mess. It is so great!

Key Features:
  • Give you a powerful recipe search tool
  • Allow you to mark recipes for group operations
  • Display amounts as either fractions or decimals
  • Create non printing comments for each recipe
  • Create shopping lists from recipes you select
  • Each recipe can have a picture attached
  • Support importing recipes from any ASCII file or Web Page
  • Allow you to change the colors and fonts
  • Let you create your own Custom Cooking Guides
  • Integrated Spell Checker
  • Integrated daily and weekly Meal Planner
  • Automatically backup your recipe database
Editor's Review:

The Recipe Processor 2000 is a useful tool for everyone's home. It helps you manage all your recipes and lets you create your own custom-cooking guides easily. If you like, you can share them with other users. You can enjoy it very much.

This program has a powerful recipe search tool, and you can fast search for recipes by name, partial name, category, and so on. It is very convenient! It enables to create shopping list from recipes you select.

It is very easy to use. You will are amazing that each recipe in it can have a picture attached. Also you can add a media file to attach it. The Recipe Processor 2000 allows you to change the colors, fonts, item size, etc. for comfortable screen displays. Import and print recipes are easy. In addition, more features can be used in this program.

The Recipe Processor is necessary to each family!

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