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Adult CPR Simulator 2.0

Provide you and the CPR provider with an easy and pressureless means of practicing your CPR skills.

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File Size:1,180 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free Limitations: 
Date Added:03-21-2006 Requirements:Windows System

First step - Adult CPR Simulator
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Software Description:
Adult CPR Simulator is designed to provide you and the CPR provider, with an easy and pressureless means of practicing your CPR skills. This program will run through the Adult CPR sequence, offering you correction and feedback if the incorrect sequence is used or if poor therapy is administered.

The program follows the year 2000 guidelines for CPR. There may be some slight differences in technique between the program and the way you were trained as there are now different procedures between training agencies (ASHI, AHA, Red Cross, etc).

Also, keep in mind that the simulator represents a community bystander CPR scenario, not an occupational scenario. As a result, no gloves or personal protective equipment are used. Please use PPE as appropriate for your setting.

Key Features:
  • Run through the Adult CPR sequence
  • Offer you correction and feedback if the incorrect sequence is used or if poor therapy is administered.
  • Follow the year 2000 guidelines for CPR
Editor's Review:
Adult CPR Simulator is a simulant software and supposes that your neighbor collapsed in his living room. You must do something to him at once, and the practice also starts at the moment.

Adult CPR Simulator allows you practicing CPR skills without pressure. It runs through the Adult CPR sequence, if you perform incorrect CPR sequence, it will offer you correction and feedback. Adult CPR Simulator doesn't need to install, you just double-left click it.

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