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BrainWave Stimulator 2.1

BrainWave Stimulator stimulates your brain using audio sound waves, meditate, try self-hypnosis or develop extremal abilities.

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Version:2.1 Publisher:Subliminal Messages
File Size:403 KB System:Windows XP
License:Free to try ($35.00) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:04-03-2006 Requirements:Sound card/ Stereo earphones

Main window - BrainWave Stimulator
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Software Description:
BrainWave Stimulator stimulates your brain using audio sound waves, meditate, try self-hypnosis or develop extremal abilities. This software is a part of the Subliminal Messages Flash package - the most popular software for self-hypnosis and self-esteem building. You can easily reach altered states of your mind; all you need is stereo earphones. Just download this free trial version and try it out for 2 minutes - you will be amazed with quick effect.

Key Features:
  • Relaxation and meditation by entraining your brain into desired states
  • Enhancement of learning capabilities (super learning)
  • Sleep induction (for treating insomnia or just for falling asleep quicker)
  • Focusing attention and enhancing awareness
  • Alleviation of headaches and migraines, as well as other pain
  • Preparation for stressful situations
  • Self hypnosis and/or subliminal programming
Editor's Review:
Whether the BrainWave Stimulator has a great effect upon you, I don't know. You had better try it by yourself.

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