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FlexiMusic Kids Composer Feb2006

Let your kids to easily learn the basics of music-making and recording for furthering your child's musical experiences or music creation.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $12.00

File Size:6,489 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($12.00) Limitations:Save function work for 7 days
Date Added:03-22-2006 Requirements:Multimedia/Speaker

The Screenshot of FlexiMusic Kids Composer
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Software Description:

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music making and recording. This is a useful music creation for kids and for those who want to see how easy music making can be. It can be used at home for furthering your child's musical experiences, or by schools for exploring the fundamental basics behind music creation.

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is packed with Beats and Stars. Its colorful interface, basic tools, and big, simple buttons are easy for kids to understand and use. Kids can record their own vocals, and be as creative as they want.

FlexiMusic Kids Composer features lively music to entertain children as they learn music and develop computer mouse skills. Kids only need to use mouse to complete these. FlexiMusic Kids Composer is very useful to wake up your child's creative talents.

Key Features:
  • Pick an instrument from Beats and tune from Stars
  • Using the paintbrush and erase tools with the mouse, it's a fun and easy way to make songs come alive
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Include more than a hundred instruments including drums, keyboards, guitars, horns, percussion and more
  • Has colorful interface, simple buttons and basic tool
  • Volume and Tempo controls
  • Features lively music to entertain children as they learn music and develop computer mouse skills
  • Support recording your own vocals or sing
  • Move the mouse over the instruments to play sound
  • The picture can be drawn by joining the dots, Moving the mouse over the numbers or alphabets
  • The Concept behind the FlexiMusic Kids Composer is valuable: An interactive program that teaches music appreciation through the hands-on creation of music.
  • Output song can be saved as WAV files (*.WAV)
  • With FlexiMusic Kids Composer children and adults can now learn music in a fun way.
Editor's Review:

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is an amazing music composer that helps your kids create his own music on your PC. This music composer has very easy and colorful user interface, and big, simple buttons. And kids play it with mouse only. That is helpful for kids to use. FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a great application to wake up your child's creative talents.

FlexiMusic Kids Composer has more than a hundred instruments. Kids can create music with quality sounds and instruments, including drums, keyboards, guitars, horns, percussion and more. The music composer features audio recording. That is best suited for children who would like to practice mixing a variety of instruments, and composing their own music. With FlexiMusic Kids Composer your kids will spend their leisure time to do something worthwhile.

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