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Easy Church Membership 2.0

Maintain a database of church members, tithes and giving, ministry membership, administrative committees, Bible study groups, and spiritual gifts for small churches.

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File Size:9,701 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($99.99) Limitations:function limited
Date Added:05-24-2006 Requirements:32 Megabytes of memory

Easy Church Membership
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Software Description:
Easy Church Membership was designed to meet the needs of small churches. We have heard and read statistics claiming a great majority of churches have less than 100 members. One source claims less than 50. This Christian software is to help these churches.

Easy Church Membership is to maintain a database of church members, all tithes and giving, ministry membership, administrative committees, small group Bible study groups, and spiritual gifts. Tithes and offerings can be entered either using numbered envelopes or by member name. You can export tithing information to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button. The member tithing functions and windows are all password protected.

Email all members or specific members using our Query Wizard. There is also an option to email specific members of your Sunday School class, ministry and committee members. Mailing labels can be printed for specific families or specific members. At the church level there is a prayer list, church calendar, and staff calendar. The church calendar allows user defined church resources to be allocated. The staff calendar enables appointments to be scheduled and tasks assigned for each member. There are multiple print options and views for both calendars. There is an extremely powerful Report Designer allowing customized report.

The Query Wizard is included to allow very specific reporting. Easy Church Membership is multi-user when installed on a network. There is no limit to the number of families or members that may be added to the database. RCL Software has not had to charge for upgrades and there is no annual maintenance fee.

Key Features:
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • New reporting options: Spreadsheet and Crosstab Wizards output to optional file options, including Excel and HTML.
  • Maintain Family. Maintain Family Members. Maintain Family Tithes, Gifts and Offerings.
  • Year end reports for each family. Export financial information to MS Excel. Sunday School attendance tracking.
  • Maintain committee, and ministry membership.
  • Mailing labels for family, and members. Mail merge file to be used by MS Word.
  • All tithing windows and functions are password protected.
  • Print family or member church directory with or without photographs.
  • Track important events in a member's walk with God.
  • Staff Calendar - show all staff member's appointments.
  • Church Calendar - assign resources. schedule and print your church events. Backup and restore functions.
  • Network enabled allowing the program to be used on a simple or complex computer network.
Editor's Review:
Easy Church Membership is helpful christian software for small churches. This christian software can help priests manage many kinds of affair, such as: arrange Bible class, E-Mail to members, record attendance and much more. Easy Church Membership is easy to use and sure to meet the needs of small churches completely.

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