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SharkPoint DualPack (Palm & Windows) 1.5

Let you instantly record information about your dives and run on your favorite Palm OS PDA.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $44.95

File Size:11,886 KB System:Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Palm OS
License:Free to try ($44.95) Limitations:Limited logbook database input
Date Added:03-20-2006 Requirements:Palm Desktop 3.0 or higher

Palm - SharkPoint DualPack(Palm & Windows)
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Software Description:
SharkPoint DualPack (Palm & Windows) runs on your favorite Palm OS PDA and Windows PC to let you instantly record information about your dives.

SharkPoint is an easy to use, and full-featured scuba diver's logbook for Windows and Palm OS. Designed for recreational divers the SharkPoint interface won't bother you with endless options and difficult to use features. You can enter as much information or as little as you like and output it easily to every own designed hardcopy.

The SharkPoint statistics and search tools make your electronic log much more useful that one kept on paper. You can easily find data and review trends in your diving to answer questions like "What depth do I most frequently dive to, and how long do I typically stay there?" or "Has my overall air consumption become better lately? By how much?".

With the free to use DiveSync software you are able to transfer all your logbook data to and from SharkPoint for Palm and SharkPoint for PocketPC pda-devices.

Key Features:
  • Keeping track of your dives just got easier.
  • Track information on your buddies, dive sites, dive schools, personal and equipment.
  • Sync logbooks between your Palm PDA and Windows PC with the free to use DiveSync software.
  • Add GPS information using your GPS in your GPS-unit.
  • Advanced statistic and search tools.
  • Multi level logging.
  • Plan or check your dive plan with the Dive Plan Assistant or the Dive Plan Wizard.
  • SharkPoint enables dive computer profiling on your PDA and Windows PC.
  • Import your favorite dive computer data (windows version optional).
  • SharkPoint uses the latest Microsoft Agent technology (windows version only).
  • 24/7 support (English only).
Editor's Review:
SharkPoint DualPack (Palm & Windows) synchronizes logbooks between your Palm PDA and Windows PC with the free to use DiveSync software. It has legible and simple user interface, SharkPoint keeps track of your dives just got easier. You can track information on your friends, dive sites, dive schools, personal and equipment.

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