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PocketLearn Viewer for Windows 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - PocketLearn Viewer for Windows

  1. What is a title?

    A "title" is a specific example of PocketLearn"content". It is what you ultimately create with PocketLearn content creation tools. It is your intellectual property, which has a name, hopefully some flash cards, maybe some tests, etc. It is your unique creation and you are its author.

  2. What is the technology behind PocketLearn?

    The PocketLearn concept is based on existing industry standard technologies such as HTML and XML, which provide a proven and durable foundation for these products. Each PocketLearn "card" or test question, for example, consists of standard HTML.

  3. How do I create content for a PocketLearn viewer?

    You currently have two choices. You can download the free PocketLearn TDK (Title Development Kit), which contains documents and software tools to help you create the titles. It also helps to have some kind of HTML editor, although it is not required.

    PocketLearn also makes available a product called Flash Card Studio. This software tool greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of creating titles for all PocketLearn viewers. You can download a free trial version of Flash Card Studio from the web site.

  4. Can I create titles using any HTML?

    When designing the HTML, keep in mind that many current and possibly future devices you can use to view PocketLearn titles are "resource constrained". That means that their capabilities for viewing HTML may be limited. For example, PocketLearn's smartphone viewers cannot show Flash animations, process javascript, etc.

  5. Can I profit from the titles I develop?

    Yes! Using PocketLearn tools you can create titles with a variety of license types ranging from "free" to "commercial". You can submit the titles that you create to the web site, where they are categorized, stored, and available to the online community for downloading. If you really want to make it easy for yourself and your customers, you can use PocketLearn's PocketPay program to receive payment for any of your titles sold through the PocketLearn web site.

    Your investment of time and knowledge to create titles results in something of value. If you're an educator, for example, it's a great way to earn revenue for yourself or your educational institution.

  6. Can I really develop and distribute PocketLearn titles for free?

    Yes. Just download the free TDK. Keep in mind that using the TDK may be somewhat challenging for users that are unfamiliar with software technologies such as XML and HTML. For most people, we strongly recommend using Flash Card Studio for content creation.

  7. Do you support languages other than English?

    PocketLearn viewers can accept content in any language supported by the target device.

Screenshots - More Details

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