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E-mail Admin List 1.8.5

Email management software for managing a mailing list, such as: Remove duplicated emails; Split a large list; Filter a list to extract specific address; Sort a list and so on. It can create a mailing list from csv file or txt file.

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Version: 1.8.5
File Size:1,138 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($30.00) Limitations:open 10kb email file,deliver 50 email
Date Added: 09-03-2007 Requirements:Windows System, Internet

E-mail Admin List
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Software Description:
Email admin List is an application for managing mailing lists (files in *.csv format), address boooks, with friends, subscribers or customers. These files usually contain invalid addresses, duplicated, etc.

Email AdminList includes basic functions for manaing these files, also you can send personalized emails to these contacts, by using an SMTP account, after that you created a new mailing list with Email AdminList. The personalized email can include a maximum of six personalized fields.

Key Features:
  • Add two lists of email address, duplicated address are ignored.
  • Subtracts two lists, example: subscribers - customers
  • Intersects two lists
  • Remove duplicated emails with different names inside a list
  • Split a large list for massive delivery in several files
  • Seed your email to monitor deliverability of your e-mail messages
  • Filter a list to extract specific address of few domains and ignore to others; and creates a list of domains who exists in the list
  • Clean emails, remove large address, empty lines, address without @, address who starts with # .
  • Sort a list alphabetically by domain, by email address and sorts an entire line .
  • Shows a smart graph with statistics of domains and percentage inside your list, you can export the graph , useful to know how much people uses hotmail, AOL, accounts of their ISP, etc.
  • Sends customized emails loading a list of subscribers, friends, etc. Can't be used for SPAM purposes because it sends one email each time, and requires an SMTP account, includes source code of RobotMail original from Fran├žois PIETTE, at:
  • New: creates an mailing list from any csv file or txt file, this new mailing list can hold 6 fields for sending customized emails.
Editor's Review:
It is a simple application for managing a mailing list or several lists, it creates a mailing list from any csv file or tx file(you can create a csv file from your database, or your email client such as Outlook Express, etc. and creates a mailing list in seconds).

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