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IP Mailer 2004d - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - IP Mailer

  1. What is IP Mailer used for?
    IP Mailer will observe your IP address and if it has changed it will be sent as an email to any amount of email addresses you need. Many cable modem operators and other broadband technology networking solutions for small use have so called dynamic IP addresses. This means that it will change from time to time. The IP address has to be known in case someone else wants to call you using Microsoft Netmeeting, or connect to your computer using some Remote control software.

  2. How do I use it?
    IP Mailer is very similar to your other email applications, with the difference that you will not be reading your email with IP Mailer - it simply sends out emails. In order to configure it correctly you need the same information as needed to set up your normal email software. The "SMTP host" is the server address where IP Mailer connects to send the emails, and the "From" address is your own address so the recipient knows who sent him the new IP Address.

    To configure the software you should click on the "Options" button that is visible in the lower right corner. This will reveal a new part where you can enter the information needed to send the emails.

    Additionally you are able to add a personal message to each "New IP" message that is sent out so that your friends/colleagues or whoever you have added to the recipients can get additional information from you.

    To select recipients you click on the "To" button in the upper left corner. This will open a new window where you can manage the recipients of your IP address. By clicking on the question mark in that window you will get additional information about how to manage your recipients.

  3. Is it automatic?
    At installation IP Mailer will place a monitoring application in the Windows startup folder which means it will run automatically when you start or reboot your computer. The monitoring application constantly monitors your IP address and if the IP changes the Mailer application is automatically launched. When the Mailer application is opened it starts a 10 second counter before actually sending out the new IP address so you have time to press "Stop" in case you don't want to send it out at that time. Even though the IP would not have changed you can send it manually anyway by stopping the automatic counter, and then simply clicking on "Send now".

  4. What if I have multiple IP addresses?
    If your computer has several IP addresses, either because you have several networking adapters, or you have a combination of networking adapters and dial-up connections, IP Mailer will list all of your IP addresses, instead of just one. In case any of your addresses change then IP mailer will notice it. If you are monitoring your external IP, then only the IP of the first networking adapter that has access to the public internet will be listed.

  5. I can't seem to run it. I am using Stealth + SuperStealth
    If you have hidden the icon in the tray, and selected to hide the emailing and errors the only way to run IP mailer is by running it from the shortcut in the Start menu. However, have you deleted that as well so that some users can't access it - then you can run it by creating a new shortcut to the ipmailer.exe file and adding the /show parameter to the end. Example of target line in the shortcut: "C:\Program Files\\IP Mailer 2004\IPMailer.exe" /SHOW

Screenshots - More Details

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