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Mail Manager

A powerful bulk email software which can deliver bulk email fast and securely.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $89.99

File Size:3,203 KB System:Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
License:Free to try ($89.99) Limitations:50 recipients, save message disabled
Date Added:05-29-2007 Requirements:

Mail Manager
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Software Description:
Mail Manager 1.0 does exactly what it was made for. Mail Manager delivers your email fast and securely,and uses its own built-in SMTP server to deliver messages directly to your customers inbox.

Mail Manager uses multi-threading,meaning you can send mail using multiple connections at the same time.Mail Manager 1.0 has a full-featured message editor.It supports text and HTML formats including attachments.

With Mail Manager 1.0,you can control the entire mailing process. It features a subscription manager,which accepts mailing lists generated in Excel, Access, DBF, Word as well as ASCII text files. Edit recipient lists, import email adresses and remove bounces with ease.

Key Features:
  • Fast email delivery
    Mail Manager 1.0 has its own built-in SMTP server.Allows you to bypass your ISP's server and deliver messages directly to recipients' inbox.It also uses multi-threading,meaning you can send mail using multiple connections at the same time,ensuring 100% usage of modem capabilities as compared to the ordinary mail clients that use less then 50%.

  • Powerful, built-in email message editor
    Mail Manager 1.0 has a full-featured message editor.Supports text and HTML formats including attachments.

  • Secured email delivery
    Mail Manager 1.0 delivers email without using any other server.That means the message is not logged or stored on any server other than the receiving one and is available only to the recipient.

  • Managed delivery
    With Mail Manager,you can control the entire mailing process. You can stop and resume mailing at any moment without having to reload message and mailing list. You can configure Mail Manager to imitate many popular mailers, such as Outlook.Also personalize messages using macros.

  • Mail Manager unsubscriber
    With Mail Manager,you can paste a list of email adresses to manually unsubscribe,or check for bounces and remove messages straight from the mail server.

  • Traced delivery
    Comes with online email tracking option.You can see who clicked your campaign's links.Make your email campaigns work for you!
Editor's Review:
Mail Manager is a powerful bulk email software to deliver bulk email. It has the powerful, built-in message editor. It support text and HTML formats including attachments.

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