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CryptSecure 1.1

Keep your private data away from those prying eyes.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

File Size:5,033 KB System:Windows 2000/XP
License:Free to try ($39.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:12-19-2005 Requirements:windows system

Screenshot - CryptSecure
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Software Description:

Keep your private data away from those prying eyes. Encrypt your data in a digital safe that acts just like any other disk drive, or inside self-decrypting executable archives. Your data and privacy are not secure. Let's imagine some situations :

Sensitive files lie unprotected on your PC (financial and business data, credit card numbers, personal messages or images, password files, etc.), you carry on CDs/DVDs or USB flash drives with you most of the time, you cannot travel without your laptop and you are aware it can be stolen anytime, you send out private e-mail messages with insecure attachments you backup data in places where people can see your data.

No one has the right to access your private data without your permission ... but many are trying to do it! Even more, many are trying to use the found information against you.

Before the digital age, the cryptography was mostly used by governments, particularly for military purposes. The existence of coded messages has been certified even from the ancient times of the Roman Empire. This easily proves that people always recognized the worth of information privacy and were aware of the risk that could occur if important confidential information fell into the wrong hands.

Key Features:
  • Protects and restricts access to sensitive data from your computer, laptop or disk drives, or information you exchange via e-mail or Internet: valuable corporate trade secrets, business plans, personal files, confidential letters, e-mail messages.
  • Encrypts your data in digital safes protected with a password, which act just like any other disk drive from your computer, where you can perform operations, such as copying, transferring, and compressing files.
  • The ability to create self-decrypting executable files, allowing you to send secure files to anyone, even if that person doesn't have East-Tec CryptSecure 2006 installed.
  • Offers powerful and popular encryption algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Twofish and CAST), with key lengths varying from 128 to 256 bits.
  • Integration with the Windows shell. You can encrypt or decrypt files directly from Windows Explorer or My Computer, with a single mouse click.
  • Stores safes anonymously on your computer, when you are not using them. When not used, safes appear like any other file from your computer, and they cannot be identified. Even if identified, no one can access them without the correct password.
  • Prevents spy ware and key loggers from intercepting the passwords you type in, because the access to your keyboard is shut down while typing them.
  • There are no back doors, so no one can decrypt your data without the correct password (not even our development team can access the data).
  • Encrypts files from any file system (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS).
Editor's Review:

CryptSecure is helps you easily and quickly protect your files inside encrypted archives, which are just like ZIP archives but everything is encrypted and protected with a password. You can send the encrypted archives by e-mail, or copy them to your removable drives (USB flash drives, CD/DVD, etc.). It is easy to use!

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