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SmartProxyHelper 1.5

Improve the browsing and downloading speed from servers and hide and eliminate your net trace to protect your privacy

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

File Size:1,450 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($39.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:11-04-2005 Requirements:IE & 32M RAM

search proxy, manage proxy - SmartProxyHelper
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Software Description:
SmartProxyHelper is an all-function software to be capable of proxy searching, checking, management and assignment. It has provided all kinds of settings and options to satisfy users' different needs of acquisition and using the proxy. It can multithreaded verify the level of proxy anonymity, the location of host and the transmission speed.

It possesses a unique function of smart proxy robot, which enables you realize a full automatic procurement and using of proxy without moving any of your finger.Then it could make you easier to browse websites via proxy., ensure your anonymity when you surf the Internet and improve the browsing and downloading speed from some servers. Finally, it will collate useful Proxy list. Double click in Proxy list, you can start your designated Proxy Server address.

It's more exciting that the software's built - in Smart Proxy Robot can search, verify, collate, start and switch Proxy Server on fixed time automatically according to your request. Once you set the options of Smart Proxy Robot appropriately, you will find your computer is under the protection of Proxy whenever you restart your computer.

Key Features:
  • Automatically search the proxy according to the predefined condition and could filter the repeated proxies.
  • automatically check level of anonymity (highly anonymous, anonymous, transparent) with Multithreading and self-define whether the proxy is effective for the website, unlimitedly recheck.the proxy that are not found.
  • Automatically identify the country or area where the proxies locate.
  • Automatically clean up and filtrate proxy list according to the self-defined option (such as nonymity level, country and area, as well as the transmission speed) .
  • Directly double-click the proxy list to start or stop using the proxy (without restarting IE, Immediately going effect), and the proxy appointed format can be copied into the clipboard, which can be easily at other place.
  • Managing the proxy list is possible: adding, deleting, empting, exporting and importing.
  • It is possible to independently query the location where the IP is.
  • The floating window of smart proxy robot could help you use the function easily and conveniently While the shortcut menu can facilitate using of the fastest 20 proxies for you.
  • The built-in local proxy server can watch the input and output of network transmission information.. You can choose IE proxy setting or use the local proxy server, and can define the local proxy server monitor port.
  • The built-in clear web traces function can clear Cookie, history, temporary file and address list by one key, and let you using the proxy safely.
  • The built-in on-line upgrading function needn't restart the system to accomplish the upgrade.
  • It can automatically save and load last-time proxy list and can append note and memo for every proxy, which is convenient for user to operate.
Editor's Review:
SmartProxyHelper is a smart and powerful proxy server program that can help you search out proper proxy server to improve your net surfing and downloading speed, as it adopt a unique technology of smart proxy robot. Proxy Server can not only effectively prevent others' attack, but also enhance your computer's security and improve the browsing and downloading speed from some servers. SmartProxyHelper' s interface is a little bit complex while It has detailed help text as a compensate.

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