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7tools Partition Manager 2005

Easily deploy a new hard disk drive and copy your data partitions.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29.95

File Size:5,744 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:function limitation
Date Added:12-20-2005 Requirements:IBM AT compatible computer with i486 or higher CPU

Main window - 7tools Partition Manager
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Software Description:
7tools Partition Manager 2005 - hard disk storage maintenance. All operations you may need at home to perform regular maintenance on your own. Partition new hard disks from scratch or upgrade old ones. Prepare hard disks for any operating system and even install several systems. Reconfigure partitions, repartition hard disks on the fly, and improve storage performance. Use the bootable recovery CD to access all the information unbootable system.

7tools Partition Manager 2005 offers an extended range of functions to make your data management easier. You can easily deploy a new hard drive and copy your data and partitions, install and use multiple operation systems, share files between them, organize better data storage for multi-user computers, recover your computer after a system crash and secure important data by moving them to a separate partition... and perform all other kinds of partitioning and repartitioning operations on your disk.

Several major components are included with this outstanding product: Partition Manager, Bootmanager , Recovery CD with DOS and Linux versions of Partition Manager, DOS drivers on Recovery CD to access NTFS and Ext2fs Partitions, Linux driver on Recovery CD to access NTFS Partitions, Built-in ISO-Burner (use it to create your own recovery CD).

Key Features:
  • Resizing partitions with data (FAT16/32/32x, NTFS, Ext2/3 FS Reiser FS)
  • Data-loss protection against power-failure during partition resize and conversion.
  • Partition Explorer - Windows utility to access hidden or not mounted partitions (NTFS, FAT32, and Ext2FS etc).
  • Virtual pre-execution of operations with Undo function - view the result before changes have been applied.
  • Bootable CD with all the necessary - very useful in case of unbootable systems.
  • New improved user graphical interface with drag-and-drop support.
  • Create more than one primary partition to install additional operating systems.
  • While copying, resize function is also available. With partition copy, you can change the size of target partition. For hard disks the appropriate transformation of partition sizes is possible in accordance with target hard disk size.
  • Check file system for integrity errors, set Partition ID, supports USB and FireWire hard drives, convert NTFS <-> FAT32.
  • Linux executable delivered on recovery CD (...when buying the download version one can burn one's own recovery CD using Paragon ISO Burner utility)
Editor's Review:
7tools Partition Manager creates, resizes, mounts, copies and deletes hard disk partitions. Choose the actions that you want to performed, then run the application. With new improved user graphical interface, you can drag and drop items from one list to another. Wizard includes Merge Partitions, Undelete Partitions, and Redistribute free space, which make you complete the works easily.

In trial version, resizing partition and converting partition can be performed only virtually - no changes will be saved on disk. Generally speaking, 7tools Partition Manager is a useful tool for managing your hard drive partitions.

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