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Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer V5.30

Backup, scan and compress your registry

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $25.95

File Size:1,529 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($25.95) Limitations:Function limited
Date Added:12-14-2005 Requirements:Windows system

Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer
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Software Description:
The action of adding and deleting software' information enlarged the registry with kinds of information while time goes. It makes the clearance of registry a big job for all. Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer is the software towards the question which has a full function not only general ones like restoring, backing up, scanning, but also compressing never had in others.

The Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer is nearly four years since the first version emerged. The software itself had been added with many excellent functions, it can now clean more dustbins of the system registry, and it works like a defrag program of the registry file, and make it more easier to maintain.

However, since the registry maintains the most important information of the system, you have to use it with great care for the sake of security. So, the publisher strongly recommends you not use this function on important occasions or the computers with the important documents in them.

Key Features:
  • Do registry file's backup, restore with ease, no need to enter DOS environment, all operations can be done in Windows with the entrance of file name.
  • Registry scan function can find out 6 kinds unused dustbins of the registry file and clean them.
  • Registry compress function with scrap management improves the system working efficiency actually.
Editor's Review:
Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer works as a system registry cleaner by backing up, restoring, and scanning your registry. In addition, it can compress the registry, which I have never seen in others now.

The scanning will be finished in a super speed that goes beyond your image and clean the rubbish clearly. Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer doesn't hold help text, but when you select a button on interface, there will be a corresponding explanation on the left navigation to let you consult on-line. Because it doesn't support backup automatically, you'd better make a backup before your cleaning for security and convenience.

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