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Intelli HyperSpeed 1.8

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is a professional tool, helping you optimize system and improve Windows XP/2000's performance.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:3,333 KB System:Windows 2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:21 days trial
Date Added:12-13-2005 Requirements:Directx 7 or higher

The Screenshot of Intelli HyperSpeed 2005
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Software Description:
Do you feel that your system is sluggish and unstable? Most PC users have performance and stability troubles. And Most of those problems are caused by: low memory, unnecessary background processes, junk registry items and false system settings that are not optimized.

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is an absolutely different optimizer form others. It ensures Windows 2000/XP system maintains best performance possible.

With 5 levels of optimization, it is possibly the fastest and most complete optimization engine in the world. It sorts the NT services and then tunes them up by startup type and current state information.

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 knows what your computer needs and knows where it has to tinker so as to speed things up. It also improves your Internet connection.

Key Features:
  • Advanced memory and CPU handling
  • 5 levels of optimization to choose from
  • Has the fastest and most complete optimization engine
  • Clean auto-run programs and prefetch (Windows XP only) in an intelligent way
  • Implements hundreds of well-established tweaks
  • Improve Internet connection
  • Directly view states of hardware and software
  • Support repairing improper configurations
  • Streamline Windows services in accordance with your optimization preferences
  • Assess and repair improper tweaks (damage caused by other programs)
  • Safely undo all optimization changes if necessary
Editor's Review:
As a frequent PC user, you may always be troubled by its unstable performance or sluggish response, which not only bring down your working efficiency but also weaken your working enthusiasm. These do be a serious problem in daily life.

Now, let Intelli HyperSpeed lift you out of those troubles. With 5 custom levels of optimization, network and Internet fine-tuning, hundreds of specialized tweaks -- Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 will comprehensively improve your PC performance and also bring a good mood.

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