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Fresh System 2.1.4 - User Guide and FAQ

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How to use Fresh System to uninstall applications?

Fresh System Uninstaller tool provides an efficient and safe way to uninstall programs existing on your system. It is an enhanced version of the standard Windows Add/Remove applet. Every program installed on your computer is listed on the Uninstall screen. You can uninstall an application, edit registry entries beloging to that application, or completely remove the entry.

If you install and uninstall new software frequently, it is very easy that your registry gets cluttered. This is because some applications don't uninstall themselves properly and leave orphaned files behind, slowing down your performance. Uninstall module quickly searches for uninstall entries and indicates whether the application can be uninstalled or not. You can see the details of program and remove the uninstall entry if it is no longer valid.

Click on the application name you want to uninstall. After selecting the application, double click the program title, or click on the Uninstall button or click Uninstall from right-click menu. This will run application's own uninstaller. Following steps will guide you through uninstallation process.

How to use Fresh System to manage startup?

When you startup your Windows session some applications run automaticaly. These applications can vary from essential antivirus programs to memory consuming programs installed by some software, having no use at all. Efficiency of Windows is affected drastically by these applications. As the number of programs running at startup increases, your performance will become more sluggish. Disabling or removing unnecessary applications will speed up Windows system. Morover, you can add new applications if you need to run at Windows startup.

When you Startup Manager for the first time, all of the applications will be enabled, showing they will run at Windows Startup. If you want to disable any of these applications temporarily, uncheck the checkbox in front of the program title. Unchecked applications will be shadowed and will not be loaded automatically on startup.

To activate any application, check the checkbox in front of the application title. Alternatively, you can use Enable and Disable buttons or use right-click menu.

To delete an application completely from startup list, select the application and click Delete button. Be careful when using this option, deleted program will not be activated anymore.

To add new programs to startup list click New button. This will bring a new window asking for information about the new program. Description field gives a brief information about the program. File section consists of path and filename of the program. You can fill this field manually or click on Browse button. Location field is where the application information is stored.

Screenshots - More Details

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