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As a file finder, file viewer and limited file manager, not only find compressed files from drives and directories, but also can search files with matching extensions inside compressed files.

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File Size:6,475 KB System:Windows 98/ME/XP
License:Free to try ($38.00) Limitations:30-day
Date Added:11-07-2005 Requirements:windows system

Search Compressed Files - Zipsearch
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Software Description:
The program searches zip & compressed archives and self extracting *.EXE files for misplaced files on multiple drives and multiple directories. It includes the features requested by many people.

The program can find files in only a few seconds if several letters of the filename and/or file extension are known; search drives and directories for lost files or files with matching extensions inside compressed files; display search strings with surrounding text, view files with actual search string positions; open files and perform file operations.

Zipsearch also can extract Zip files and compressed files, individually list files WITHIN zip files and compressed files; perform file operations on files contained inside zip files and compressed files, view files inside compressed files; search *.exe files for individual files; replace text within Zip archives and normal uncompressed files; Search Excel workbooks and Word Documents; Search Unicode multibyte files - eg Chinese; Search the following archive extensions: .ZIP .PK3 .EXE .JAR .WSZ .SIT .EAR

Key Features:
  • Locate search searchstrings
  • Display search results
  • View files
  • Search up to 90 different mutiple search strings
  • Display Information on files WITHIN zip files & archives
  • Perform file operations including extracting files.
  • Replace text within zip archives and uncompressed files
  • Search multibyte unicode files - eg Chinese, Japanese
Editor's Review:
As a file finder, file viewer and limited file manager, Zipsearch can find most archive extension files quickly. The program can not only find compressed files from drives and directories, but also can search files with matching extensions inside compressed files.

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