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HTML Compressor PRO 1.00

In just three easy steps and less two minutes you can change your whole website from being slow loading to a fast loading site

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $9.95

File Size:850 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($9.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:02-09-2006 Requirements:Intel 486 or higher processor

HTML Compressor PRO
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Software Description:
Have you noticed your website load slow? Maybe your visitors complained how long it takes to view your site?

Then you need HTML Compressor PRO to bring it to speed. In just three easy steps and less two minutes you can change your whole website from being slow loading to a fast loading site.

The faster your website load the happier your visitors will be, the longer they will stay and more likely to return to your site again.

Key Features:
  • Tab-Style, easy-to-use wizard like interface
  • Save / Open Projects - Save different webpages / settings into project that you can easy open up later
  • You can easy control and turn filter options on/off so you have full controls over the compression process.
  • Filetypes To Compress - Easy add and remove file types to compress.
  • Never write over original files - It will guarantee you always have your original files intact for editing.
  • Copy Options - You can select to have only compressed or all files in your project copied to destination directory.
  • Backup Files - Options to create backup files if needed
  • Pop-Up help - Easy and quick help via pop-up's ... Just place the cursor over an object and you get instant help.
  • Easy Folder Scan
Editor's Review:
HTML Compressor PRO is an easy to use website compressor. Wizard style interface guides you compress your whole website in just three easy steps and less than 2 minutes.

User-friendly window let you see the process clearly. The list of the source directory or the compressed files can be displayed in the left window. Between this window, there is a size-contrast between uncompressed and compressed files. HTML Compressor PRO will save the compressed files automatically in your appointed directory, so it is secure and never write over original files.

If you are a HTML editor who run your own website and want it to load as fast as possible, HTML Compressor PRO will be a good assistant for you to speed up your site, and then increase the chance of visitor return. By the way, there is an amazingly fast speed to install HTML Compressor PRO.

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