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Domain Name Checker 2.1

Domain Name Checker is a feature-packed, convenient and fast domain checker that finds attractive domain names for your personal or business Web site and manages them.

Buy and Download $49.90       

Version: 2.1 Publisher:
File Size: 3.62 MB System: Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP
License: Free to try ($49.90) Limitations:  
Date Added: 04-25-2008 Requirements: Internet connection

Domain Name Checker

Software Description:
Domain Name Checker is a feature-packed, convenient and fast domain checker that finds attractive domain names for your personal or business Web site and manages them. It includes an ultimate database, integrated Domain Name Generator, Popularity checker, customizable user interface and more. You can populate the domain list manually or generate it from keywords. This program checks multiple domains availability simultaneously and you can start/stop checking all domains as well as specific domain at any time.

Key Features:
  • High Reliability
    It can retrieve domain information from several servers using several protocols and it uses the best choice.
  • High Performance
    This program can simultaneously check up to 20 domains. And even if you use dial-up connection, you can check up to 120 domains per minute. For usual cable connection, the speed is about 720 domains per minute.
  • Ultimate and Up-to-date TLD database
    TLD database used by the program contains all needed TLDs and always updated when new TLD is added by ICANN or Registrar changes its server. Usually you don't have to download the whole program, TLD database updates can be downloaded within the program in a few seconds.
  • Domain Checker supports Clipboard
    Users may copy selected domain names and checking results to the Clipboard, and all the domain names in current Clipboard can also be extracted and added to a project via a paste operation.
  • Easy Domain Management
    Domain Name Checker allows you to manage all your domains from one location. You can check their availability, expiration dates, registrars and domain owners' information. Results can be saved, exported, or even sent via e-mail!

Editor's Review:
Domain Name Checker program helps you to lighten your work on discovering available domain names on the Internet.

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