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Manage commercial Blogs from your desktop with auto posting content from rss and xml feeds. Add your post as advertisement. Choose your own Advertising banners and links.

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Version: Publisher:
File Size: 2.41 MB System:Win NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista
License: Free to try($250.00 ) Limitations:  
Date Added: 10-30-2007 Requirements: 

Main window - FreeAutoBlogger
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Software Description:
Manage many commercial Blogs all from your desktop with auto posting content from rss and xml feeds that you choose. Choose your own Advertising banners and links in every post or any post. Use your favourite RSS feeds to supply you with fresh updated on-topic content posted to your blog (with link to author). A.I. Can Pick categories for posting by keyword content! Random posting times to avoid seach engine foot prints. Real time filter to stop spam and posts of great length. Easy to use Post editor to remove spam or unwanted post from RSS feeds. Choose from templates how post will look. Multi blog handler runs all your blogs at once with one click! Drag and drop RSS, Podcast, and XML feeds into reader and quickly build a "new content" folder of any on-topic feed you would like to have posted on your blog/blogs.

Key Features:
  • This software allows you to Drag and Drop RSS feeds from topic related websites and blogs of your choice, and then filter the items to be posted on your blog (linked to author) as content. The more feeds you load the more posts there will be.
  • Each post is filtered every five minutes for spam and repeat items before being loaded on your blog (randomly posts to look natural).
  • There is also a post editor to manualy remove unwanted post quickly for easy content managment.
  • You can use a template to choose how your post will look and insert banners, links, and text to every post.
  • We suggest simple posts that look like any other but with keywords and info about a product and a link to "read more". This can be set to "salt and pepper" within the whole blog to apear natural amongst the other posts.
  • Use our built in post creator to make your own advertising posts to be randomly mixed on your blog.
  • Take the time to choose relevant RSS feeds to post so your blog will have quality content and not just keyword spam. Choose separate categories for each feed added.
  • This program allows anyone to build a popular web blog with auto updating content while building link popularity. Your blog will place high in the search engines and top the blog searches, if you take the time to choose quality feeds and posts. In the end you want to build a site that users will come back to or join your rss feed.
  • Try our Free version now and upgrade to the PRO for unlimited features.

Editor's Review:
This software is not meant to be used for spaming or spoofing the search engines. Be certain to read any terms of usage of rss feeds you may use as to not break copyright laws. FreeAutobloggers use is intended for automated blog content building and management not splogs or copyright infringement.

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