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LANState 3.0

The visual network mapper and monitor, see the state of your network at any time. LAN State monitors hosts, shared resources, traffic, and notifies you on miscellaneous events.

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Version: 3.0
File Size:1,782 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($99.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added: 12-15-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Main window - LANState
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Software Description:
LANState is a visual network map with monitoring functionality which allows you to see your network's state at any time. LANState monitors hosts, shared resources, traffic, and notifies you on miscellaneous events. It contains many useful tools for administrators and users such as sending messages, shutting down and turning on remote computers, scanning hosts and ports, ping, name lookup, getting information on remote computers etc.

LANState has host-monitoring functionality, which allows you to see the state of your network at any time. The program displays a network map, monitoring device's state (active/inactive) in real-time. You just click a tray icon at any time, and see which servers and computers are switched on, and which do not respond.

Key Features:
  • Network mapping: modeling a local area network in a visual mode and then saving the result as a map, image, or XML-scheme, or you can print the network map.
  • Monitoring servers and other hosts (ICMP ping and connecting to a specified TCP port are supported).
  • Obtaining information on remote computers: IP address, current user, accounts and groups, domain, server, operation system used, current date and time.
  • Obtaining information on remote computers: MAC address, shared resources, connected users, registry, services and devices, processes running, event log, installed software.
  • Connection monitoring (monitoring usage of your shared resources by other users of the network) with logging, sound and screen notification, and blacklists.
  • Network traffic monitoring (incoming/outgoing traffic and transfer rates). Retrieving computer's network name by its IP address.
  • Searching hosts by ICMP ping or scanning TCP ports. Scanning network by IP address range. Port scanning. Controlling access permissions for your shared resources. Pinging any computer on the network. Tracing routes.
  • Sending regular and anonymous messages to any computer on the network.
  • Shutting down and restarting any computer on the network (when required permissions are granted on the remote computer).
  • Turning on remote computers (wake-on-LAN).
  • Notifying of events by playing a sound, writing to log, running program, sending e-mail, etc.
  • Performing actions on network devices via the configurable context menu.
Editor's Review:
You can monitor and administrate your network at any time with LANState. It does not require opening and browsing several maps simultaneously. The map creation wizard helps your to create network map fast and easily. The interface of the program is very convenient, and the main command icons are placed on the left. LANState's network mapping, monitoring and remotting function is very good, it's a practical utility.

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