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Meta Tag Promoter   - User Guide and FAQ

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Using the Program

  1. First of all, you need to create a new project. To do this, press the "New" button at the top panel or select the appropriate action in the "Projects" menu. You will see a window asking you to type in a name for the new project.

  2. You may make notes about the nature of your project in the "Project Description" field under "Project Settings". These notes are stored for your personal use and are not used in the program.

  3. Next, you need to specify the values of Meta Tags to be inserted in your HTML pages. To do this, go to the "Meta Tags" module. To save your time, you may fill in the fields automatically by selecting either of the following options: "Populate from project", "Populate from file" or "Populate from URL".

  4. Go to the "Save to files" module to select the pages you want to insert meta tags into. When files are selected, just press the "Insert Tags" button and the program will insert your meta tags into the pages.

  5. You may analyze the results in the "Page Analyzer" module. This step is optional.

  6. To upload modified web pages to your server, go to the "FTP Uploader" module.

  7. You may also generate reports on this project in the "Reports" module.

  8. Save your project.

Frequently Asked Questions - Meta Tag Promoter

  1. I get a "Can't send Email report" message when sending out a report. What do I do?
    You have not specified SMTP server or SMTP port settings properly. Go to Program Options to fix this.

  2. How do I transfer my projects to another PC?
    All projects are stored in the "Projects" folder. They can be simply copied file by file (the file name must coincide with the project name).

  3. I have an HTML page. How do I import its meta tag values into my project?
    If the page is stored locally, press the "Populate from file" button in the "Meta Tags" module and select your file. If you only have a URL of this page, press the "Populate from URL" button.

  4. What should I do to insert a meta tag that is not provided in the program?
    If there is no needed meta tag in our program, you may always add it by pressing the "Add meta tag" button on the "Advanced" tab of the "Meta Tags" module.

  5. I do not know what my SMTP settings are. What should I do?
    Consult your system administrator or Internet service provider.

  6. How can I prevent browsers from caching my page?
    Set the value of "Page Caching" tag to "No-Cache"

  7. How can I make browsers refresh my page every 5 minutes?
    Specify the time period (in seconds) along with the URL in the "Refresh" field. In your case the value will be 300.

  8. The program returns "Cannot connect to server! Check your proxy settings and retry." message during registration! What should I do?
    If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, specify the right proxy settings. If you do not use proxy, perhaps the connection is bad. Try registering again later.

Screenshots - More Details

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