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Text Editors

EmEditor Professional 6.00.2 - A lightweight yet extendable, easy-to-use text editor for Windows, and supports Unicode and powerful macros. With this software,Displays Outlining, Web Preview, Search Bar and more.
NoteTab 4.95 - The ultimate free Notepad replacement and a handy HTML editor. Search files, strip HTML tags and format text quickly. and can capture text and sent to clipboard.
EditPlus Text Editor V2.3 - Internet-ready 32-bit Text editor, HTML editor and Programmer's editor for Windows. It offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers, supports much code.
EditPlusFor.NET V1.01 - A text editor for .NET framework that can edit and syntax highlight C#, VB.NET, XML, HTML, CSS, JScript, VBScript, SQL, Python, and INI files.Extend programming languages based on custom syntax files.
HandyFile Find and Replace: Office Edition 3.4.4 - Office Edition is the next step towards experienced users. It inherits all features from the TAK and implements a range of facilities designed especially for the office use.
HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Aid Kit 3.2.7 - Text Aid Kit is the basic version. You will purchase it if you need just to find and replace text in a number of ANSI files. Enabling to search files with desired names and extensions.
HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Workbench 4.5.7 - It inherits all the functions from the OE (except PowerPoint filter), full support for Unicode and UTF-8 files, and it can search files on remote FTP servers, find and replace text in them.
Article Notepad 1.0 - It is basically like 'Notepad' but designed specifically for internet articles, create, edit, and save your articles in one handy location, Support for Title, Summary, Body, Resource Box, and Keywords.
Hexprobe: Hex Editor 2.42 - This is a professional hex editor designed to include all the power to deal with hex data. It offers full basic functionality to view and edit the individual bytes of binary files.
m9P Editor Plus 1.0 - A complete rich text editor . Rich Text Editor Featuring DERT Technique. Support Text To PDF, Rich Text To HTML, and Text To Speech.
NotePro 3.6 - Multi-document replacement for the standard Windows WordPad and Notepad editors, supports rich text formatting, URL detection, Spell checker, and Minimize to Tray features.
INI Editor 1.0 - A text editor with syntax highlighting for INI files, set the Key Text Color, Value Text Color, Active Line Color, Background Color etc. of the editor by using Options menu.
MicroAdobe Hex Editor 5.3 - Is an easy-to-use and powerful hex editor to edit hex files with search, drag and drop, and search and replace capabilities. Edit your Exe, Dll and other files with MicroAdobe Hex Editor.

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