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ECMerge Standard (Windows) 2.0.51 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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  • Fixed a regression bug when trying to open a binary comparison from command line
  • Fixed a regression bug when using the "Fill from clipboard" menu item in text mode
  • Fixed a regression bug when reloading folders documents (particular actions could provoque
  • "Document not recognized" error)
  • Added handling for 32 new encodings on Windows (ISCII, Chinese, Japanese...)
  • Improved the behaviour of the software when it is not possible to make a backup file prior to saving (text views)
  • Fixed a visual bug in time field of "Filter by date" panel
  • Improved transitional memory overhead when loading large text files or pasting large texts
  • Added link in demo/test welcome screen to check if a newer version of the soft exists

Frequently Asked Questions - ECMerge Standard (Windows)

  1. How to disable the Windows Explorer context menu integration?
    There is no graphical interface to enable or disable the Windows Explorer context menu integration for the moment.

    The context menu integration is set for all users on the local computer. The option is located in the Windows Registry. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Elli Computing\Merge, modify the value for key ContextMenuEnabled:

    Set to 1 to enable the context menu integration, set to 0 to disable it.

  2. How to generate reports between labels or branches of a SCC or SCM?
    Elli Computing Merge 1.2 brings a new HTML and XML reports features. These features are available from command line, this is a particularly important point: you can batch or make your own home-made tools for your Source Code Control or Software Change Management. Most of these tools have poor reporting features.

    Elli Computing Merge can be used in combination with the command line 'get' feature of most of these tools to first get your content for the wanted configurations then launch Merge on these snapshots.

Screenshots - More Details

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