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Shooter Game

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Laser Dolphin for Mac - Great dolphin game! Leap out of the water and do crazy tricks. Blast away enemy sea creatures. Race against the clock in racing mode.
Acamar Rising - A 3D space shooter where a lone fighter must defend a space station against the many threats of space, from asteroids to aliens.
X-Avenger - You fly a space ship named X-Avenger equipped with the latest weapons and technology, and travel from planet to planet through wormholes and eradicate your foes the Orion invaders.
BattlePets: Avalar - BattlePets: Avalar is better than the original, with 50 all new BattlePets created by Bob Cooksey, 49 magic powers, and a better, more interesting story.
CRYSTAL BALLS 1.00 - Player only manages balls that from top of the screen. As soon as they fill all free space the game is ended. Three balls of one color in a line or triangle are eliminated...
Deadhunt 1.01 - Unlike the old 2D top-view style implementations, Deadhunt is a modern first person 3D-shooter game using all the power of modern 3D accelerators.
Gunner2 2.25.478 - Enemies will try to destroy your objects but you must stop them by using different deadly weapons. So shoot, shoot and shoot some more!
IronHero 1.2 - IronHero is real-time 3D tank shooter game with unlimited mission pack and smart enemy Artificial Intelligence. Player should find and destroy enemy tank group in this game.
JUMPIX 1.4 - The invaders are destroying our Earth in XXII century. Our Earth is in danger. The only chance to protect the Earth is to use a spacefighter of new generation...
OnTarget 1.0 - OnTarget is an very addictive 2D graphic artillery combat game played over a rugged terrain under a beautiful moonlit star-filled night sky-- complete with lightning storms and meteorites!
Raptor 2.4 - In the future as a mercenary flying the super-tech Raptor, you'll be sent on interplanetary missions to knock off top competitors of Mega Corps...
Starship Ranger V1.78 - Your Matherplanet is suffered from invaders - extraterrestrials. Enemy aircrafts bomb the Earth. You are the last hope of the terrestrials. The best starship is prepared...
Strayfire 1.0 - Strayfire is an arcade-style shoot'em up game, with beautiful 3D accelerated graphics, loads of firepower, hordes of alien enemies to blast, and special effects galore!
Swarm 1.4 - Swarm provides fast-paced, adrenaline pumping action in an explosive shoot'em up style! It offers beautiful graphics, special sound effects and various alien enemies to game.
Tanks Evolution 1.0 - It's not easy to survive under the alien sky and alien tanks when there's always someone to burst you with his weaponry or overcome with his tactics. However you have to...
Teenage Lawnmower 1.15 - Teenage Lawnmower is really a hybrid and kind of a new style; it's a mix of interactive story, simulation and arcade action.
Crusaders Of Space: Open Range 1.1 - Just when you thought the alien invasion was successfully fought off once and for all, new waves of alien scum come in numbers far greater then 5 years ago...
Back To Earth 1.1 - You are a pilot of space interceptor bound back to Earth in order to give the captured alien spacecraft into the hands of scientists.
Hyperspace Invader 2.20 - In Hyperspace Invader, a new arcade space shooter, hostile aliens pursue the human race across the galaxy to deliver a devastating final blow...
Seven Seas Deluxe 1.13 - Navigate your galleon through hazardous waters, avoiding pirates, reefs, and even sea monsters! Blast the pirates with a full broadside from your cannons...
Bouncy Killer 1.10 - A fast and funny arcade remake of an old VIC20 game. Try to hit each smile one time only. Try the funny Multiplayer mode.
Revenge Of The Chicken 1.0 - It's high time for the "food" to take revenge on the hungry gluttons who have been devouring innocent creatures for centuries.
UnderworldsEvil 2.0 - UnderworldsEvil takes you into an incredible battlefield that full of monsters, gigantic spiders, aliens and so on.
Astrobatics 1.1.3 - Turn your ultramodern space-fighter into deadly fighting machine with weapon upgrades, rocket turrets, bots and additional weapons.
Galaxy Guard 2.0 - Join your counterparts from all over the world and destroy thousands of alien invaders with your space ship.
Shoot-n-Roll 1.0 - A good guy Fatman is forced to set off for a dangerous adventure. He has to get back a magic crystal which maintains the balance between Good and Evil.
Atomic Battle Dragons 1.05 - Mount your dragon and take to the skies in this action and adventure game and joust mythical enemies.
Brave Plane 2.0 - Your plane is equipped with fighting weapons and a bomber that helps you eliminate all enemies and finish your mission.
Duck Riposte 2.0 - Another hunters' campaign brought the loss of four congeners for the peaceful ducks. It was decided to send a team of saboteurs at the world ducks' rally.
Fight Terror 3.0 - Your aim is to destroy the detachments of the terrorists. You are located in the trench and have weapons at your disposal.
Galaxy Battles 2.0 - Your mission is to prevent the attack and destroy the enemy forces. You are to destroy the enemy detachments, and the main spaceship of the enemy.
MachineHell 1.0 - The world has been invaded by an alien race of machine warriors. It is your mission that you are an elite soldier. You must destroy all alien machines and reclaim Earth in MachineHell.
SpaceTripper 1.84 - Your adventure takes you through 14 levels, spread over 4 beautiful worlds, all visualized in glorious 3D. Perfect visuals, for the perfectly, furious game play.
Arkanoid2000 1.9 - The game Arkanoid 2000 - is an all-known classic break-out clone remake with many brand-new features. Goal is one - destroy all bricks with ball to complete each round.
Asteroid Miner V1.30b - Asteroid Miner is a space-based strategy/shooter where you must mine the asteroids around you for precious metals to sell, in order to upgrade your ship...
Atomaders 1.98 - Make you way through enemy attack waves in your task of liberating planet systems from alien cyborgs invasion. It has 9 powerful extra-weapons ranging...
CYFORCE4D - Is a action packed 3D fps game which uses a latest tech 3D game engine and provides an immersive gameplay experience.
Fun & Bullets - The game allows you to take part in the most entertaining demolition work ever. You are to blow up each and every inflammable thing you see. Using the ball, you need to demolish tons of combustible materials.
Armada Tanks - Create the best tank on the battlefield! Use powerful upgrades to improve your tank and its weapons! Defend your military base and defeat all of your insolent enemies!
Clash N Slash - Atotally new and highly addictive arcade space shooter for players who want to enjoy a fresh exciting gameplay and bored with playing tons of indistinguishable shooter games.
Astro Fury - Featuring hot arcade action and teeth-rattling audio, Astro Fury pits you against a veritable onslaught of alien invaders.
After The End - Your patrol cruiser received mayday signal from a research base on a suburban planet "Rydon 7". The dropship directed to investigate the situation was hit and damaged, and you are the only survivor.
Alien Eggs - The goal of the game is to swap two nearby balls to make the straight line of 3 or more balls.
ArkLight v1.14 - Take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom.
Battle Boattle v2.5 - The game is quite difficult. It's been often compared to Crimsonland, only on water, and the comparison correctly reflects the game difficulty level.
Confronter The Tower Of Time - Is a first person shooter game featuring stunning high definition graphics with an intense storyline and engaging game play.
Dark Archon Invasion - The game pits you as a soldier for one of four battling races. Battle and progress from just another soldier to being the leader and savior of your people, eventually lead your fleet in epic galactic battles!
DarkSide v1.01 - Is a sci-fi based shoot'em'up in which you pilot your way around 100's of massive asteroids. Fly in and out of their dark sides as you battle a host of alien hostiles.
DevastationZone Troopers v1.34 - You are a DevastationZone Trooper, one of the Blue Star Alliance’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action.
Global Defense Network - The GDN is a combination of fast paced shooter and rhythm action game with an intriguing sci-fi plot spread evenly throughout.
Horizon X - Alien Invaders are attacking your planet! Your only defense is to use your flying platforms to neutralize the bombs before they hit the ground.
Madcap Orb v1.1 - An addictively challenging game where the goal is to get an orb past crazy obstacles and an opponent.
Scavenger v1.06 - Rotate, thrust and shoot your way through 80 sectors, collecting riches, battling aliens and unlocking the way to freedom.
MutantStorm - The game progresses over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D arenas, that get ever more crowded with nasty beasties.

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