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It can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems with or without geodetic datum change.

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File Size:4,517 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($99.00) Limitations:Demo
Date Added:03-27-2006 Requirements:none

Main window - ALLTRANS
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Software Description:
With the ALLTRANS you can perform worldwide transformations between State Plane Coordinates, UTM-coordinates, geographical coordinates and 3D-cartesian coordinates. The mathematical accuracy of the transformation within a GK meridian strip has a mean value of around 0.1 millimeter. The GK meridian strip is automatically calculated by default during the transformation into State Plane Coordinates, but it can also be predetermined. (The same applies analogously for UTM.)

ALLTRANS supports manual input and File-Import/Export (ASCII). The manual input of data is checked for erroneous input, which is then clearly indicated. The option exists to store the manually entered coordinates in a file. In the case of data input via file import, the output is also principally sent to a file. The name and directory of the files can be freely selected. The file content can be displayed at any time.

Key Features:
  • Transformations can be made between State-Plane-Coordinates, UTM coordinates, geographical(ellipsoidal) coordinates and 3D-Cartesian coordinates.
  • Worldwide transformation for all states with specific projections.
  • The transformation can be done by manual input or files.
  • If coordinates are entered manually, the coordinates can be stored in files. If there is a file-transformation, the transformed coordinates are saved also in a file. Filename and directory are user defined and the files can be viewed and edited.
  • If the default-parameters are not of acceptable accuracy, it is possible to calculate and store the parameters by identical points. The calculation of the parameters is done by a standard adjustment (L2-Norm). An outlier test is also possible.
  • If the default-parameters are not of acceptable accuracy it is possible to calculate and store the parameters by identical points. The calculation of the parameters is done by a standard adjustment (L2-Norm). An outlier test is also possible.
  • With the Geoid-Modul the user can calculate orthodox metric heights from GPS-heights. There is an interface available to the EGG97 up to now.
  • For UTM-transformations the UTM-zone can be calculated automatically by the software or defined by the user.
  • The accuracy of the transformation is better than 1 mm (no datum shift).
  • Online-Help
  • Languages English and German.
Editor's Review:
The interface of the ALLTRANS is well-executed; it places more common ones on the toolbar on the in the form of surface. The Start Coordinate System is on the left, the Target Coordinate System is on the right, and in the middle the 7-Parameter and the Geoidmodel. The arrangement of the interface is handy and legible. The transformation in different parameters and different countries is accurate, and ALLTRANS supports both English and German.

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