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ContactGenie Importer 1.3

Help you to extract information from source file and save to Outlook Contact fields.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.00

File Size:4,494 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($39.00) Limitations:&nvsp;
Date Added:02-21-2006 Requirements:Microsoft Outlook

ContactGenie Importer
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Software Description:
ContactGenie Importer is a contact import tool specifically designed for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003 (Outlook '2003 support added in version 1.3) to quickly import new contacts/leads received on a regular basis from known sources such as suppliers, websites, call centers etc, without the need to repeatedly map the source information to Outlook Contact fields or spend hours "cutting & pasting" information.

Simply create an "import template" once and automatically import new contacts and leads from that point on. An indispensable tool for anyone in sales or support!

Supported Input File Formats:
  • MS Excel (.XLS)
  • CSV - Comma Separated Value text files
  • Tab-Delimited text files
  • Custom Delimited text files (supports 2 char delimiters)
  • MS Access (.MDB - Tables/Queries) (password protected MS Access databases are not supported)
  • Visual FoxPro/dBase (.DBF)

Key Features:
  • Map to custom forms and user-defined fields
  • Create re-usable import templates
  • Supports multi-part phone numbers and 4 line addresses
  • Can be run via command line mode for automated scheduling
  • Data "format" validation performed on import
  • Error/stat logs available
  • Provides warning if the selected contact folder uses a "Custom Form"
  • Provides statistics for questionable or missing data
  • Special multi-choice options on input for all Boolean type fields
  • Support for multi-part phone numbers on import (country code, area code, and extension where applicable) to accomodate data from programs such as Winfax or custom applications
  • Ability to run via command line in silent mode for scheduled unattended operation via the task scheduler or any other batch process
  • Option to simulate Contact updates to view any input data errors without affecting the target contact folder.
Editor's Review:
ContactGenie Importer is an useful tool for Outlook users. It can indeed improve your efficiency of manage your contact list. With ContactGenie Importer, you can Import new contacts on a regular basis from the same source without having to re-enter field mapping and destination contact folder information each time, and create new fields and contacts. ContactGenie Importer can see what input data is considered invalid automatically. It supports many popular file formats as input, and can be widely used to copy useful contact information.

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