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Turbo-Mailer 2.32

Full featured bulk email software with intuitive hands-on GUI that can send mass email and process email address list effciently.

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File Size:2,157 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($9.90) Limitations:14 days
Date Added:02-20-2006 Requirements:No special requirement

send mass email and process address list
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Software Description:
Turbo-Mailer enables preparing and sending out bulk email like newsletters or personalized circulars efficiently with ease. Turbo-Mailer is very simple to use, though it provides powerful best-in-class options. Special highlight is an email list processor supporting formulas: In case any task cannot be accomplished directly with a mouse click, the Turbo-Mailer API lets you do it with a short (script) formula. Parallel (multi-threaded) SMTP ensures optimal exploitation of internet bandwidth for big mailing jobs.

Key Features:
  • Sends text & HTML bulk email, attachments and embedded image
  • Message personalization through text-variables (e.g. from Excel table columns)
  • Multi-parallel SMTP (multi-threaded) exploits the bandwidth best for big mailing jobs
  • BCC bulking option reduces traffic to the SMTP server
  • Wide unicode text editor (supports multilingual/16bit character sets in plain text mails too)
  • Writes professional log files (successful and refused email addresses).
  • Imports address lists and personalization columns from text files, from tables (e.g. Excel, CSV), from ODBC-connectable databases (SQL-SELECT) and from the Windows Clipboard
  • No limits in size or length of lists other than memory
  • Email address list manager :: Manage a set of lists. Combine and compute lists by mouse click
  • Email address list formula computations: Joining and splitting, removing of duplicates, randomization and slicing of email lists, operator syntax, and much more ...
  • Scanning of newsletter subscription notifications: Scanning of email addresses from arbitrary formatted notification emails in Outlook folders (like newsletter subscription notifications) or scanning from text/html files. Supports versatile regular express
  • Secure SSL/TLS SMTP login
Editor's Review:
It's a useful email solution that can send mass email and process your mail address list efficiently with competitive price. I can't imagine an email client with such low price. As lots of email client software in the market is expensive, Turbo-Mailer is more post valuable. Besides plain text email, Turbo-Mailer can send HTML bulk email, attachments and embedded images.

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