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A COM object which enables a script to manipulate and resize image files. A wide range of functions are available to edit and enhance images.

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Version: 6.3
File Size:1,025 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to Try($120) Limitations:Time limited trial
Date Added:12-18-2007 Requirements:IIS4


Software Description:
This ASP component resizes, edits and joins images. It supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, PSD, TIF and WBMP files and can convert between them. Images can be exported to PDF. Create thumbnails and change JPG compression quality to reduce file size. Add text labels, draw lines and shapes with optional colour fills or antialiasing. Crop, Rotate, Flip and FloodFill commands available. Images can be joined by pasting one on top of another with optional full or partial transparency of the foreground image, including PNG alpha channels. Adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness. Import and export data from file, as a binary stream from a database or from a remote server. Read, write and edit IPTC text from JPG and TIF files. Extract and edit EXIF attributes from JPEG and TIFF files. Support for multi page TIFs. ICC colour profiles can be preserved. It can also read data from the csASPUpload component to process images uploaded through a browser. Free trial available with full instructions.

Key Features:
  • Resize and scale images. Create thumbnails from an ASP script.
  • Allows input as a file from the server, from a remote url, or as binary data from a database.
  • Accepts input direct from the csASPUpload component.
  • Send output to the server, or stream it to a database or browser.
  • Create compound images, pasting one on top of the other.
  • Place text onto the image using any installed font with optional antialiasing. Support for Unicode characters.
  • Perform simple image editing drawing lines and shapes with optional colour fills.
  • Uses JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, TIF and WBMP formats and can convert between them. Can export to PDF.
  • Read and edit IPTC text in JPG and TIF images.
  • Read and edit EXIF atributes from JPG and TIF files.
  • ICC Color Profiles can be preserved in JPG files.
Editor's Review:
csImageFile is an ASP component which can resize, join & edit images. It supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF, PCX and WBMP files.

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