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NingPo MahJong Deluxe!

A Classic Mah Jong Solitaire game! Undo, hints, shuffle and multiple layouts, tile sets and backgrounds!

Download Site       Buy Now $19.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 8,780 KB System: Win98,ME,XP,2000
License: Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 07-11-2008 Requirements: 32MB RAM, DirectX7.0

NingPo MahJong Deluxe! - Screenshot
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Software Description:

The goal of NingPo MahJong Deluxe is to remove all the tiles from the board by finding matching pairs of 'free tiles'. A tile is considered free when there is no tile on top of it and if either the left or right edge is unobstructed.

Two tiles match if they are of the same suit and value. The honor tiles do not have a value, but can be matched with any other tile of the same type.

Mahjong game is over when all tiles are removed or there are no more matching free tiles.

A free tile is outlined by a green box when the cursor is over it. A blocked tile is oultined by a red box.

Relax while you enjoy this classic solitaire game of tile matching. MahJong game features include: multiple layouts, tile sets, and backdrops to choose from, great music, high scores, shuffle, undo, and hint options. Try MahJong Deluxe out today!

Match tiles and clear the board in this exciting new version of the classic solitaire game - MahJong.

Key Features:
  • 18 challenging MahJong game types!
  • Customize your play with new tilesets and backdrops, including a special theme with all your favorite characters!
  • Soothing music soundtrack!
  • High score tables for every MahJong layout!
  • Never get stuck again! Unlimited Undo, Hint, and Shuffle features keep things moving!
Editor's Review:

NingPo MahJong Game is a Classic Mah Jong Solitaire game! Undo, hints, shuffle and multiple layouts, tile sets and backgrounds!The goal of NingPo MahJong Deluxe is to remove all the tiles from the board by finding matching pairs of 'free tiles'.

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