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Image Effects 1.0

Image Effects is a program for image editing and image effects creation. You can apply cool effects to the image, draw lines and shapes, and fill / copy areas, and select colors.

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File Size:328 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:Can't save images
Date Added:01-06-2006 Requirements:Windows system

Image Effects
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Software Description:

Image Effects is a program for image editing and image effects creation. You can apply cool effects to the image, draw lines and shapes, and fill / copy areas, and select colors (brush and canvas). Image Effects supports BMP and JPEG images formats and printing. It has total 31 available Image Effects.

Key Features:
  • Rotate Effects: Rotate Horisontally, Rotate Vertically, Rotate 90 CW, Rotate 90 CCW, Mirror X, Mirror Y, Mirror XY
  • Color Effects: Remove Color, Black and White, Invert Color, Extra Color, Red Mask, Green Mask, Blue Mask, Add Bright, Add Dark, Color Mixer, Transparent, Gradient
  • Pixel Effects: Blur, Sharpen, Dithering, Pixelize
  • Custom Effects: Blocks, Smoke, Snow, Star Sky, Waves X, Waves Y
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out
Editor's Review:

Image Effects is a small application to create image effects. It provides total main 5 kinds of effects - Rotate, Color, Pixel, Custom and Zoom In/Out. Maybe the functions are simple, but they are the basic and the most important.
Here I want to say, if the Undo button can be displayed directly on the navigation bar of main window, it must be better.

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