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Jpeg Enhancer 1.6

Jpeg Enhancer recovers the images, ruined by the low-quality JPEG compression. It uses a unique technology that lets even the novice to easily quickly and effectively remove the so-called "JPEG artifacts" from his/her images.

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File Size:2,162 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations: 
Date Added:01-09-2006 Requirements: 

the main window
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Software Description:
Jpeg Enhancer is an easy to use and extremely powerful program that lets you recover the images, ruined by the low-quality JPEG compression. It uses a unique technology that lets even the novice to easily quickly and effectively remove the so-called "JPEG artifacts" from his/her images. Unlike all other methods, the unique intellectual technology, doesn't ruin your photos simply by blurring them, but recovers them completely, meaning that your images will look the same as they did before the JPEG compression!

Key Features:
  • Load and save jpeg, bmp
  • Remove the JPEG artifacts
  • Recover the images, ruined by the JPEG compression, when not set to a 100 % quality
  • Perform the median noise reduction
  • Resize the images smoothly
  • Multi-Document Interface
Editor's Review:
JPEG Enhancer is a professional JPEG images enhancer that will help the graphic designers, photographers and web professionals to produce the greatest quality images. The number one need is better image quality. JPEG is the default format, used by the graphic editors, as well as the saving format for the digital cameras. The issue is that the jpeg image compression does not save all of the information contained in an image. It damages the quality of the image by disturbing its size and giving it a slightly dithered effect, when not set to a 100% quality, in order to save the disk space. JPEG Enhancer can recover these images that have been damaged by a low quality compression. It removes the so-called 'JPEG Artifacts' and improves the clarity.
You can use it for every purpose involving conversion into JPEG, be it in a graphic designer's studio or in a publishing house. It is a powerful and versatile tool that works effectively, efficiently and smartly.

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