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NavTools GPS 4.14

Allows you to connect an existing GPS (NMEA 0183 serial connection, cables and hardware not included in this distribution) to your computer system.

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File Size:1,735 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($35.00) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:03-10-2006 Requirements:none

Main Window of NavTools GPS
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Software Description:
NavTools GPS allows you to connect an existing GPS (NMEA 0183 serial connection, cables and hardware not included in this distribution) to your computer system, whereafter GPS positions will automatically be logged at user specified intervals and required course/speed/ and enginesettings will continually be calculated and displayed to the user.

NavTools GPS is able to share files and data with an existing NavTools Route installation and can read and write data and voyage files created via NavTools Route. This will allow you to plan and create a voyage in NavTools Route, and execute this voyage on NavTools GPS. Furthermore, position reports (AMVER, SISTRAM, AUSREP, etc) and noon reports can be easily and fully automatically created from NavTools GPS, saving the onboard navigator considerable time and effort. Similar to NavTools Route, this new application includes a lot of useful tools for day to day navigation.

However, if you do not have NavTools Route, you are still able to create and use voyage data files via NavTools GPS (use a right mouse click on the 'Schedule' list to add, edit, or delete waypoints). If you do not have a GPS/NMEA0183 serial connection to your computer, you can still use NavTools GPS by manually entering position data.

Key Features:
  • Connect your PC to your GPS via a serial NMEA connection.
  • Automatically log position, course, and speed at preset intervals to disk.
  • Monitor vessels performance, distance to go, and required course and speed.
  • You can create your own routes using NavTools GPS.
Editor's Review:
Connect your GPS to your PC via a NMEA serial connection. NavTools GPS includes automatic logging of vessels progress, route planning with unlimited number of waypoints, average weather enroute, and position reporting. NavTools GPS is compatible with the NavTools Route voyage planning system and can sail routes designed using NavTools Route, or voyage planning can be done from NavTools GPS itself.

NavTools GPS can be tested completely for free during 30 days before you need to decide whether or not to buy a licence key.

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