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ChatBlocker 2.6

It's a desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations!

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.99

File Size:1,581 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($39.99) Limitations:30 minutes
Date Added:02-23-2006 Requirements: 

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Software Description:
Are your children spending too much time chatting? Are employees chatting and getting off task in the office? ChatBlocker is the award winning desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations! With ChatBlocker, you can easily setup time slots in which you wish to allow chat conversations - and when you do not want to allow them. ChatBlocker uses an advanced, low level approach to blocking chat conversations to ensure that they do NOT take place. When coupled with ChatBlocker's powerful security features, it's powerful concealment options, and remote log viewing capabilities (via e-mail or - it makes ChatBlocker must have for any parent, employer, or anyone else looking to moderate Internet chat's!

Key Features:
  • Chat Blocking & Filtering Features
    ChatBlocker utilizes an advanced heuristic-based technology that intelligently blocks and filters chatting and instant messages. Below is a list of chat and instant messaging platforms that ChatBlocker is currently compatible with.
    • * America Online
    • * AOL Instant Messenger
    • * AOL Instant Messenger Express
    • * Excite Messenger
    • * MSN Messenger
    • * Web MSN Messenger
    • * Odigo
    • * E-Messenger.Net
    • * Yahoo! Messenger
    • * Windows Messenger
    • * Dead AIM
    • * Trillian
    • * Extreme Messenger
    • * ICQ / ICQLite
    • * mIRC
  • Chat Logging & Recording Features
    ChatBlocker comes fully equipped with chat recording functionality to record chat's and instant messages when chatting is permitted,Below is a list of compatible chat applications that ChatBlocker can record for your later viewing.
    • America Online
    • AOL Instant Messenger
    • MSN Messenger 7.0
    • MSN Messenger
    • Trillian
    • Yahoo! Messenger
    • ICQ
  • Advanced Scheduling
    Everyone's schedule is different. That is why ChatBlocker offers a completely customizable scheduling wizard to ensure regardless of who is using your computer, you can fine tune it to any extent. With ChatBlocker's intelligent scheduling wizard, you can effortlessly create time slots (by day, weekdays, or weekend) where chatting is permitted, and when chatting is NOT permitted. When chatting is permitted, ChatBlocker will record all instant messages and chats. When chatting is NOT permitted, ChatBlocker will deny, block, and prevent all attempts to chat.
  • Automated Reporting
    ChatBlocker comes with a robust, easy-to-use reporting tool. The report generator within ChatBlocker will generate a sleek report for you to review. This report outlines all of that chat applications that were attemped to be used, as well as how many times each individual chat platform was attempted to be used. Reports are automatically e-mailed to your inbox so that you are always up to date with what users of your computer are doing.
  • Hidden Mode - ChatBlocker offers unparalleled concealment features. ChatBlocker has the capabilities to hide itself from every Windows operating system, thus ensuring that when you put it in hidden mode, it will be completely hidden from the user!
  • Safe Mode Disabling - Prevent the user from entering in Safe Mode (in an attempt to bypass the ChatBlocker system).
  • Task Manager Disabling - Disable the user from accessing the Windows Task Manager while it is blocking chat conversations.
  • Disable Startup Program Overriding - Disable the hotkey that allows users to bypass startup applications (ChatBlocker) when Windows boots up.
  • Windows Startup - Configure ChatBlocker to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring and restricting chats on multi-user PC's.
  • Customizable HotKey - For total concealment and protection, ChatBlocker allows you to customize the default hotkey.
  • Automatic Active Startup - Automatically start ChatBlocker in "Active Blocking Mode" or "Active Schedule Mode" when it is executed (thus requiring zero interaction on your part!)
  • Password Protection - ChatBlocker is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the chat conversation monitoring process, as well as exiting ChatBlocker from chat restriction mode!
  • Alert Message - Configure a message to appear each time the user attempts to initiate a chat conversation while ChatBlocker is actively prohibiting chat conversations.
  • E-Mail Log Delivery - ChatBlocker can automatically alert you via e-mail every often if users of the machine have attempted to initiate chat conversations, or bypass the ChatBlocker blocking engine. Perfect for remotely keeping tabs on the machine while you are away!
  • Thread Priority - Adjust ChatBlocker to adapt to your system. Using the built in Thread Priority utility, you can make ChatBlocker run as fast as you need it to depending on your systems specifications!
  • Unmatched Windows Compatibility
  • And more...
Editor's Review:
ChatBlocker is powerful internet chat restriction and supervision software! It allows you to moderate chat sessions on your PC. With ChatBlocker equipped, you can create sessions which will allow or disallow chatting on AOL, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Trillian, and more! ChatBlocker uses advanced technology that prevents the system from being tampered with!

ChatBlocker with powerful concealment options and remote log viewing capabilities must have for any parent, employer, or anyone else looking to moderate Internet chats!

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