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MessengerLog 5 Pro 5.12

Automatically recording everything from MSN messenger,Suitable for parent controls and company to record custom supports which is provided via MSN messengers.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:1,318 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:10-18-2005 Requirements:msn messenger

chat log recorder - messengerlog 5
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Software Description:
MessengerLog 5 pro can log everything from MSN Messenger 6.x/7.x including winks, emotion icons, sent and received files, hand writing, text font and colors, online status of your contact, audio/video invitations etc.

Improved from previous versions, MessengerLog 5 has more features than ever before, such as working in an absolutely hiding mode like a spy, suitable for parent controls, managing log efficiently and safely with our strong search engine and advanced encrypt method, automatically online updating, data time stamp etc.

In addition, MessengerLog 5 Pro has ten color themes and reading mode. what's more, messengerlog 5 pro is easy to use, safe to used, more efficient and effective.

Key Features:
  • Automatically recording everything from Windows Messenger, MSN messenger 6.x/7.x, and Windows Live Messenger
    - Including the rich text message with font and colors, the emotion icons, the new Winks graphic, the hand writing inks, the files and pictures you sent and received, the online status of your contacts, and all the activities like audio/video invitations in MSN Messenger.
  • Automatic upload chat logs by email of FTP !
    - You can set a email account or FTP account to upload the new chat log, then view the log at remote side. It can be freely scheduled. So that you can install it on your kid's computer, receive and view the chat log at your computer everyday. Support Email authorization. Support specify special port for FTP and Email connection.
  • Working in an absolutely hiding mode. It is completely undetectable like a spy!
    - Multiple chat monitor engine, more powerful to record chat. After installing and making your personal setting at the first time you use, you do not need to run its main program when you chat or when you wanna track other's chat. MessengerLog / Pro will start to work and automatically log every activity done on MSN messengers as long as the messenger is opened – absolutely like a spy! Sounds mystic? Try it now and you will be convinced!
  • Suitable for parent controls
    - To protect your kids from some potential troubles, concerned parents can use MessengerLog Pro to track your kids' activities on MSN messenger secretly without detection by your kids. It can be done easily. Try it now!
  • Suitable for your company to record custom supports which is provided via MSN messengers.
  • Security
    - MessengerLog / Pro has an advanced encrypt method. Accessing and setting are all password protected.
  • Log saving
    - The log is saved as the same format as you see in your MSN messengers.
  • Log searching
    - The log is classified by date. With our strong search engine, you can easily and accurately find the logs you want.
  • Log editing
    - You can edit the log history directly in MessengerLog / Pro.
  • Automatically online updating
    - This function help you check the latest version online and update easily.
  • Up to ten color themes
    - You can set your favorite color theme to enjoy your using MessengerLog Pro.
  • Reading mode
    - With Windows TextToSpeech engine, MessengerLog Pro can read the log for you.
  • Exporting the rich text messages to a RTF file easily.
  • Import logs form previous versions of MessengerLog series.
  • Date time stamp
    - When recording the chat messages, a detailed data time stamp will be added for each message.
Editor's Review:
Messengerlog5 is a powerful chat managing software which can save and manage chatlog of yourself, monitor other's MSN chatting, sent and reveice files and so on. It can be used on most of the main OS such as Windows and Linux. It has easy used interface and Suitable for parent to control and other monitoring purpose.

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