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Privacy Inspector 1.8

A secure and powerful privacy protection tool that can protect your privacy by cleaning up all computer activity tracks at your will.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29.95

File Size:1,516 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:12-07-2005 Requirements:Windows system

erase all computer tracks - Privacy Inspector
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Software Description:
Do you have a spouse, children, or a boss wondering what you were doing on the computer? Why worry about other people using the computer! Use Privacy Inspector before someone else gets your personal information from your computer. Privacy Inspector cleans up your tracks left by Windows, your browser, and many other programs. Save storage space and improve performance of your computer with Privacy Inspector.

Key Features:
  • Permanently deletes browser's cache and cookie files.
  • Deletes and disables "auto complete" URLs.
  • Locks your Browser - Only you can change it.
  • Removes the Recent Documents list from the Start Menu.
  • Removes Find Files and Folders list from the Start Menu.
  • Removes Find Computer list from the Start Menu.
  • Removes history from the Run dialog box on the Start Menu.
  • Prevent unwanted programs from loading when Windows starts.
  • Permanently deletes the Recycle bin.
  • Deletes applications recently opened files list.
  • Cleans up wasted hard drive space.
  • The "Boss" key instantly clears all traces of your activites and closes all your browser windows.
Editor's Review:
As computer and internet becoming more and more popular, the privacy of computer and online activities becomes more and more important in computer users' lives. Privacy Inspector canbe a very useful tool for personal privacy protecting.

Privacy Inspector is extremely powerful in privacy protecting. It can erase all tracks left on your Windows, browser and many other programs what may consists of a user's daily computer activities. Privacy Inspector enables a user to choose what types of file and privacy information need to be erased. Its user-friendly interface is more clear and convenient to use.

Privacy Inspector features some special functions. The boss key enables hiding or showing browser, folders ,applications, desktop icons or even task bar you don't want others to see only by pressing hotkeys. The file encrypt tool enables you to encrypt or decrypt your important and privacy files.

What's more, Privacy Inspector can save storage space and improve performance of your computer with high speed. It's also very easy to use. In general, Privacy Inspector is a wonderful privacy protector for all kinds of computer users.

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