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X2Net SmartBoard

X2Net SmartBoard offers you a new way to edit files and to store all frequently used data.

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File Size:4,558 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($27.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:11-16-2005 Requirements:Windows system

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Software Description:
X2Net SmartBoard is an application that captures everything you copy and paste. It stores all your frequently used data, and lets you paste back into any document you may be working on, with a few clicks or keystrokes.

SmartBoard significantly enhances the capabilities of the Windows Clipboard by enabling the collection of multiple items. It does this by watching the clipboard and automatically capturing any data that you have configured. The feature of SmartBoard is that it is designed to act more like an extension of Windows, rather than a separate application.

X2Net SmartBoard can help you organize your data into different folders easily. It is a multi-user system, and you can share your data around your network, or even over the Internet. Your workflow certainly won't be interrupted by SmartBoard; in fact it will be significantly enhanced - no need to be permanently switching between SmartBoard and other applications like many other clipboard extenders demand. SmartBoard is not only a powerful but also a time-saving program.

Key Features:
  • Capture data that you copy from other programs
  • Seamless integration with Windows
  • Support hotkey
  • Capture everything you copy and paste
  • Support flexibly organizing
  • Support sharing the data over internet
Editor's Review:
X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful application, enabling you to control what you've done on your computer more freely. For example, it stores all your frequently used data, and allows you to paste it back into any document you may be working on.

Down load it to have a try!

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