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Paragon Partition Manager 7.0

Resize, move, hide, merge, restore, convert partitions and defragment partitions.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $99.95

File Size:7,147 KB System:Windows 9x/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP Workstation, Home or
License:Free to try ($99.95) Limitations:Function limited
Date Added:10-26-2005 Requirements:IBM AT compatible machine

Paragon Partition Manager
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Software Description:
Partition Manager provides easy and reliable hard drive partitioning and full-range hard disk management. It enables to create, copy, resize and move hard drive partitions. This full function tool is suitable for home and professional use. Partition Manager helps you:
  • Enhance computer performance, convert operating systems, defragment partitions, optimize your hard disk partitions cluster size.
  • Resize, move, hide, merge, restore and convert partitions without data loss.
  • Install and manage several operating systems on your computer with Boot Manager.
  • Copy partitions and whole hard drives adopting their size to target partition.
  • The demo version will let you evaluate all the functionality of the program without physical realization of changes on hard disk.

Key Features:
  • Hot Resize (upward) - enlarge NTFS partition without rebooting Windows and interrupting its work.
  • Merge hard disk partitions (even hard disk partitions of different file systems); undelete hard disk partition.
  • Convert Primary hard disk partition to Logical and vice versa; change hard disk Partition ID (hard disk partition signature).
  • Change hard disk Partition Primary Slot (in Master Boot Record); defragment File System.
  • Support Flash devices; Recovery CD with Unique Interface in XP style for restoring under DOS/Linux.
  • Recovery Media Builder - create CDs/DVDs (or even a floppy disk) that you can boot from and recover your system; retesting disk surface for partitions with data, relocating files from encountered bad blocks.
  • Automatic generation and sending operations logs over email for quick and easy technical support.
  • Email notification - automatic sending email with operation result information.
  • Power Shield technology - resuming critical partitioning operations after power failure.
  • Convert Dynamic Disks to Basic Disks.
Editor's Review:
Paragon Partition Manager is an extremely powerful tool for managing partitions. It offers three types of versions for selection - Server edition, Professional edition and Personal edition. You can select the appropriate version accordingly.

Though the program is powerful, its operations are realized easily!

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