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Addintools Mechanic 1.01

Clean, repair the Windows Registry, and enhance system stability, improve computer performance.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.95
Version: 1.01
File Size: 4.41 MB System: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:
Date Added: 04-27-2007 Requirements: Windows system

Addintools Mechanic 1.01
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Software Description:

As you installing, uninstalling and updating software and hardware, even just open or close software, some confused and invalid keys and values burns. By and large, invalid keys and values always could be found in the Windows Registry of every computer, and they may lead to some Windows crashes and errors, waste much time of computer, bring down the performance of Windows System, and make it unstable. Addintools Mechanic will clean and repair these problems for you, help you to avoid the risk of corruption.

The Windows Registry will become larger day after day, Addintools Mechanic will defrag and compact it, improve system performance, start the computer faster than before. Scan more sections and keys and values than ever

All cleanups that you done could undo now, so you could even restore all items that cleaned by this software. You could also undo the operation of one time or one day. Certainly, you could just undo the keys and values that you selected. The scanning is fast and smart

The smart scanning is very fast, it will scan the items that could be deleted securely, and skip the items that don't recommended to delete. Just a few clicks, everything done!
Just 4 clicks to complete the cleaning Registry, just 3 clicks to complete the compacting Registry, just 2 clicks to undo previous operations.

Key Features:
  • Clean, repair, defrag and compact the Windows Registry.
  • Improve your computer performance immediately.
  • Enhance System Stability, take you away from the crashes and breakup.
  • You could undo all operations, and specified items would be restored.
  • Scan more sections and keys and values than ever.
  • The scanning is fast and smart.
  • Just a few clicks, everything done!
Editor's Review:
This is a system tool which is designed to record and play the keyboard and mouse activity for automating the plodding and repetitive tasks. Addintools Mechanic now can scan 14 sections, more harmful keys and values would be found than ever and other software: Folders And Files (Deep); Help Files; Fonts; Sounds; User Shell; Software Locations; Startup Programs; Add/Remove Programs; Services & Drivers; Virtual Devices; Share DLLs; File Extensions; Custom Controls; Unused Software Keys. You could undo the operation, and all items would be restored.

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