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AlphaZIP 1.1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - AlphaZIP

  1. How can I create an archive using Alpha ZIP?
    How you create your files depends on what exactly you want to do and on your preferred way of working.

    1. To compress existing files just as they are: Select the files you want to cpmpress in Windows Explorer. Right-click on the selected files. A context menu will appear. From this menu, choose Alpha ZIP -> Compress... and type the name of the new file. All files and folders you selected will be added.
    2. To create an empty file that you can edit later: Start Windows Explorer and go to the folder where you want to crate the new file. Right-click on the background of this folder. a context menu will appear. From this menu, choose New -> Alpha ZIP . For example. to create a CAB file, choose New Alpha ZIP CAB Archive. A new empty file will be created. You can add files later, for example by dropping them on your new archive file.
    3. From the main window: Choose Create from this window. You will have to choose a name for the archive and the files to be included in it.

  2. Which file types does Alpha ZIP support?
    Alpha ZIP can create files of the following type:
    • 7-zip files (.7z)
    • pkzip compatible files (.zip)
    • gzip (.gz)
    • Java Archive (.jar)
    • LHA files (.lha, .lzh)
    • MS Cabinet (.cab)
    • Unix tape archives (.tar)
    • UUEncoded files (.uue, .xxe)
    Additionaly, Alpha ZIP can read/extract files of the following type:
    • .ace
    • .arc
    • .arj
    • .rar
    • .zoo

  3. How can I create a self extracting archive?
    1. Right-click on the file you want to make self-extracting.
    2. A menu will appear on the screen. From this menu, choose "Make Self
    3. Extract".
    4. The self extracting file will be created. The original file will not be overwritten: The self extracting file will be placed next to it.

  4. How can I browse files?
    With Alpha ZIP, you can browse ZIP files and other archives just like folders on your hard disk.

    Just locate the file in Windows Explorer, and double-click it. Explorer will just browse the file as a folder.

    A ZIP file or other archive can contain folders, usually mirroring the folders it was created from. Unlike some other Zip utilities, Alpha ZIP will properly show these folders and subfolders the way you are used to.

    Once you are browsing a file, you can use all Explorer functionality the way you are used to for folders on your hard disk. If you have taken lessons to learn how to work with Windows Explorer, you can use everything you learned with Alpha ZIP.

  5. What is a self extracting file?
    A self extfacting file is a file that doesn't need any installed progams to be read. It can read or extract itself.
    A self extracting file is really a program that encapsulates a compressed file.

    Self extracting files are handy in case you want to send an archive to someone else by email or you want to make it available for download, but you don't know if the other person knows how to handle archive files.

    A self extracting file is also sometimes called self extracting archive or SFX.

  6. How does email integration work?
    To send files compressed in an email:
    1. Select the files you want to send in Windows Explorer.
    2. Right-click on one of the selected files, and select Alpha ZIP->Compress and email from the menu that shows up.
    3. A dialog will be displayed. Click on Start.
    4. Your email client will be started, and a new message will be created that contains the compressed file. Edit the message and click on Send.

Screenshots - More Details

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