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ConversionTrack 1.2

ROI Log Analyzer - track conversion rate and return on investment of website.Complete and Professional Analysis Report on Website Conversion Rates. Cut your ad. budget by 50%.

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File Size:1,332 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($59.95) Limitations:30 times
Date Added:01-10-2006 Requirements:Windows system

analyze conversion rate log - ConversionTrack
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Software Description:
Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action. Different sites have different objectives, so conversion comes in many forms, from registering for a newsletter to completing a purchase. For example, let's say you get 1,000 visits to your site, and 20 orders. Your sales conversion rate = 20 /1,000 = 2%.

Conversion is the #1 E-Commerce Metrics every executive needs to know. This is startling because the conversion rate is a measure of a site's ability to persuade visitors to take a desired action, one its managers or owners want them to take. It's a reflection of the site's effectiveness and of customer satisfaction. For a site to achieve its goals, its visitors must first achieve their goals. There's just no two ways about it. In a word: Conversion Rates Measure Success!

Our software Conversion Track is a New Breed of Log Analyzer for Website Conversion Rates. Not like other common log analyzers, it varies itself by not reporting generic statistics data such as unique IP's or page views, but instead analyzes every user's access path and generates a complete analysis of your web visitors' conversion rates. Be compared with reports generated by other common log analyzers, report generated by Conversion Track will undoubtedly provide more valuable information for your online business.

Conversion Track can help you better understand the behavior of your sites visitors and accurately evaluate promotion efficiency, which will ultimately help you improve the conversion rates and return on investment of your online business.

Key Features:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Evaluate your sites international traffic
  • Wizard-Like User Interface with Tabs
  • Complete and Professional Analysis Report on Website Conversion Rates
  • Advanced Visitor Filters
  • Supports Major Web Server Log File Formats
  • Combine Log Files on Different Time Frames
  • Ability to Analyze Compressed Log Files
  • Integrated IP Database
Editor's Review:
ConversionTrack is designed to analyse web logs specially. It's a very useful solution for website owners to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and website traffic. It's relative easy to use software with simple and clear interface, high analysing efficiency. Besides, this software enables to set up various filter options.

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