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Video Patrol 4.0

A very useful Webcam surveillance software which can help you monitor your children and caretaker when you must be away from your home.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29.99

File Size:5,208 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.99) Limitations:Free 365-Day and Watermark
Date Added:01-03-2006 Requirements:A capture device (USB camera, TV capture card)

Main window - Video Patrol
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Software Description:
Video Patrol enables you to patrol and protect your home or business premises. In addition, it can assist you to keep an eye on your loved ones in hospital. It captures and saves every triggered event that occurs, even while you are away. Through the Internet, you can see what is currently happening or what has happened before, and you can be alerted when there is suspicious movement in the area of your interest.

In addition, advanced scheduling makes regular monitoring easy and automatic. You can predefine timed or motion-triggered surveillance events. Video Patrol even makes it possible to send out predefined E-mail alerts with surveillance recordings attached. This makes it possible for you to observe whatever activity your camera captures even when you are away from home.

Using 3 different cameras at a time, you can specify a monitoring area seamlessly. You can also record into a file and later on store in CD's or DVD's for a better data management.

Monitor your children and caretaker when you must be away from your home: Even with a trusted caretaker in charge of their children, parents often worry. Now with honestech Video Patrol 4.0, parents can have a real-time monitoring solution in place. Effortlessly monitor your children’s care and activities even while you must be away from them. Capture and record events as they happen. Keep an eye on your children whether you are at the office or traveling.

Key Features:
  • Compress/Save videos clip in MPEG files in real time basis: Once monitoring starts, whenever a motion is detected, it is saved into a MPEG file.
  • Send a mail: As soon as a motion is detected, a mail notice is sent to the specified e-mail address.
  • Real time Surveillance: Because Video Patrol operates a HTTP server by itself, you can monitor what is currently happening in real time from a remote place.
  • Multi Camera: With three cameras at a time, you can monitor the specified areas and choose action when a motion is detected.
  • Scheduled Monitoring: Can specify a desired monitoring time.
  • Data Burning: The recorded files can be saved into a CD or a DVD.
  • Sensitivity Control: You can use two sensors to specify your response to a motion.
  • File List Management: Manipulate the recorded files with the easy-to-use file list.
Editor's Review:
Video Patrol is a very useful Webcam surveillance software when you need to observe the current situation or to be reported about urgent circumstances in the home, office or hospital environment.

When you must be away from your home or office, you can monitor your children, caretaker and employees with Video Patrol assistance. Video Patrol also can capture and record the progress of your relative in the hospital, even when you cannot be present.

The camera input screen displays the input screen of the selected camera, and displays the current time. The scroll bar in the lower right corner of the screen is used to specify a monitoring area. Video Patrol supports up to three cameras at a time, you can monitor the specified areas and choose action when a motion is detected. You can specify options related to recording and HTTP server.

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