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The Newest Released Software

The Newest Released Software on Jan. 2008

SWF & FLV Player for Mac - A free, swift and smart Flash player for Mac OS with clean interface and absolute control of Flash movies.

Flash Optimizer for Mac - a powerful, feature-rich SWF compression utility which can dramatically compress SWF files up to 60-70%.

ImTOO Video to Picture for Mac - Multifunctional Mac picture capture software which helps you extract pictures from various video formats such as MPEG, DivX, Xvid, AVI, RM, MP4, M4V, MOV, WMV etc.

ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer for Mac - A powerful Mac iPod/iPhone transfer software which can helps you transfer iPod/iPhone music and video, iPod podcast and TV program to Mac within a few seconds, and vice versa.

River Past Crazi Video for Sansa - a powerful Sansa video converter which can convert AVI MPEG to Sansa, DVD to Sansa Video, and convert ohter popular video files to to Quicktime movie supported by Sansa.

River Past Crazi Video for Wii - a powerful Wii video converter which can convert MPEG AVI to Wii, DVD to Wii Video, and convert ohter popular video files to to Wii compatible QuickTime movie files.

River Past Crazi Video for PMC - A powerful PMC video converter which can convert AVI MPEG to PMC, DVD to PMC Video, and convert ohter popular video files to to PMC compatible WMV video file.

Radmin Remote Control - A secure remote control and remote access software that enables you to work on a remote computer, helps you to access your remote computer from anywhere in the world.

AIM Monitor Sniffer - Network utility software designed to monitor, record and capture AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat conversations on all computers in a network.

Text Copy Helper - A hip software tool that helps you to copy text from some window controls that do not support copy by CTRL+C or from the context menu.

Workplace Angel - Workplace Angel reminds you to make pauses in your work and helps to adjust workplace for comfortable and healthy working.

Tune Master for Pocket PC - A great Digital Instrument Tuner which can help you to tune your strings music instruments (guitar, violin, cello, piano etc).

WinWatermark - a professional visible transparent watermark creation software which helps you add text and image watermark to any pictures to protect them from unauthorized distribution.

iPod 2 iPhone - a great tool which allows you to transfer your music and video from iPhone to iPod, iPod to iPhone.

Nesox Link Checker Free Edition -Nesox Link Checker is a professional bulk web link validator, pagerank, link popularity and website traffic rank checker.

Visual Options Analyzer - It is a powerful analysis tool for development, testing, and application of stock and options strategies, which allows you to test new strategies, manage a growing portfolio, and explore "what-if" scenarios.

Ace Contact Manager - Contact management software allows people in an organization to access and collect data about any entity or person which comes into contact with the organization.

PCLCodes -PCLCodes Translates, Debugs and Disassembles today's complex HP PCL print streams. It's the perfect tool for learning PCL.

SecretDrive - A small, efficient and reliable program to create up to 8 encrypted virtual disks. You can format it, defragment, check, backup and do other operations.

Bookmark Base - Bookmark management tool - Transfer and synchronize all your bookmarks or favorites on multiple computers and browsers.

Capture MySpace - Capture all MySpace web pages and instant messages instantly, help you monitor what your kids are doing on MySpace web site and instant messenger.

FolderClone Standard Edition - It provides fast, flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files or folders on most storage media.

Active File Compare - An advanced utility for the comparison and synchronization of text files and folders, which can compares the contents of two folders, compare Zip, Tar, GZip archive files.

Disk Password Protection - Boot protection, partition protection - Protect your disks and partitions with a password, hide and protect your information from other people, restrict viewing and launching files.

Dr.Preventor (Data Recovery Preventor) - Data Recovery Protection program makes your deleted files unrecoverable, it can rewrite or erase their the content of deleted files.

Nesox Email Marketer Business Edition -Professional HTML email newsletter software and opt-in email marketing software for targeted mailing list building, email campaigns creating, bulk mailing and click tracking at your own computer.

Nesox Email Marketer Personal Edition -Nesox Email Marketer is a professional email newsletter software and opt-in email marketing software for targeted mailing list building, email campaigns creating, bulk mailing and click tracking at your own computer.

Web Designers Toolkit with Image Slider Gold Professional Web Toolkit for Webmasters. Integrate winning-award and professional script authoring tools into one program.

DriveCrypt Plus Pack -Offers AES 256 bit, full disk encryption and pre-boot authentication. Able to protect the entire computer including the operating system(OS), in real time.

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