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The Newest Released Software

The Newest Released Software on Jun. 2008

  • My Favorite Manager - My Favorite Manager 1.0 is a useful utility for managing the Windows My Favorite folder.
  • Desktop Wallpaper Manager - Desktop Wallpaper Manager allows you to easily preview and change your desktop wallpaper.
  • Advanced Privacy Supervisor - Advanced Privacy Supervisor 2.0 is a 3-in-1 utility for system maintenance, privacy protection, and improving overall system performance.
  • Advanced File Worker - Advanced File Worker 2.32 is a powerful file management, file rename and backup utility.
  • AVD Slide Show - AVI Slide Show is an easy-to-use tool to convert digital photos to video and create stunning slide shows with transition effects.
  • AVD Volume Calculator - AVD Volume Calculator is a handy tool for calculating weight, volume and mass of various composite objects in three dimensions.
  • AVD FileList - AVD FileList collect the information about files and sub-folders under the specified folder or drive and generates the list in your preferred format.
  • 4Media iPod to PC Transfer - 4Media iPod to PC Transfer is versatile iPod transfer software between iPod and PC that can efficiently manage your iPod contents and transfer iPod videos.
  • 4Media Video Converter Ultimate - 4Media Video Converter Ultimate allows you to convert your video or audio format files to various popular formats to make them playable on your phone and other portable devices.
  • 4Media Mac DVD Toolkit - 4Media Mac DVD Toolkit is an integrated and easy-to-use DVD tool to rip DVD, create DVD, and copy DVD as well as convert video for Mac users
  • BOS Backup prOxy Server - BOS is Restoring software that recovers files and Outlook/Exchange items easily.
  • AutoBackup 98 - The Microsoft Windows 98 Backup utility provides a simple and convenient method to backup valuable data to tape or disk.
  • Almer Backup Pro - It will reserve copies of your data automatically, without your manual command.
  • Compact Outlook Express Backup - This tool lets you back up messages, account settings, general settings, signatures, rules, and a list of block senders.
  • Total Wipe - This powerful program helps you to shred important files so that they cannot be restored and nobody can even guess what information a file contained.
  • Almer Backup - AlmerBackup can backup your files to floppy disks, hard drives, network drives, Zip drives, JAZ, SyQuest and most other removable devices.
  • Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate - Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate is capable of ripping DVD to almost all video and audio formats, such as MPEG-4, AVI, DivX, Xvid, RM, FLV, SWF, MOV, 3GP, WMV, WMA, MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, WAV etc.
  • Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate - Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, a multifunctional video and audio converter, can convert from video to video, audio and picture, as well as audio to audio and picture to video.
  • XemiCo Address Book - XemiCo Address Book is a contact manager for everyday use. The program is as simple and straightforward as one can be.
  • Active Folder - Active Folder is a simple utility that can save you loads of time.
  • Pocket Voice Recorder - Pocket Voice Recorder is freeware sound recorder that records equally well from microphone and any other input line available with your sound card.
  • XemiComputers DeskTop Pack - Active Desktop Calendar is unique PIM that shows valuable data directly on desktop.
  • Web Update Builder - Web Update Builder creates small stand alone programs that will allow anybody to make easy updates to their web sites.
  • Photo Druid - Photo Druid will help you manage and share your digital photos and images hassle free.
  • Personal Lunar Organizer - Personal Lunar Organizer is fully-featured information manager with moon phases embedded in the calendar.
  • Dynamic Info Screen - Dynamic Info Screen is a program for creating digital signage solutions using standard PC computers running Windows.
  • Photo Gadget Pro - Photo Gadget Pro is a shell extension that adds image editing options to Windows Explorer. It can rotate, resize, crop and rename images.
  • Minutes of Meeting Recorder - This program allows you to take meeting minutes through recording discussion and adding text summaries.
  • Lecture Recorder - This program allows you to record lectures and attach written summaries.
  • DeskLook - DeskLook is a program that reads data directly from your Outlook and displays them on the desktop which becomes interactive.
  • Claudio - This audio recorder offers wide range of sound qualities (11-192 kHz, 8/16-bit, mono/stereo) and adds features like import/export to WAV, OGG and MP3, transcription mode and playback effects.
  • Xmembytes AntiSpyware - Xmembytes AntiSpyware is AntiSpyware software that helps to detect and remove spyware and other potentially unwanted software from your computer.
  • Backup Machine - Archive your Outlook Express your files and folders with high level Encryption. Run multiple backups at once pause / restart them all the control you need.
  • Active Document Keeper - Active Document Keeper is a complete solution for storing and managing your home and office electronic documents.
  • FilePreviewer - Allows you to preview files within Windows Explorer without launching other programs.
  • Active Task Manager - ATM helps you to organize your frequently executed tasks and set very flexible schedule for them. It can provide a text/sound messages to remind you about something.

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