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The Newest Released Software

The Newest Released Software on Jun. 2008

  • ProStockMaster for Windows - A unique all-in-one desktop software for a stock photo contributor. ProStockMaster automates image processing and uploading to multiple microstock photo agencies.
  • ProStockMaster for MAC - Desktop software for a stock photo contributor. Adopted by thousands of stock photographers around the globe, ProStockMaster frees your hands for your camera.
  • ePodcast Creator - Create your first podcast like a professional podcaster with ePodcast Creator. Record, edit, create rss tags and publish you podcast with minimum of effort.
  • Bubble Elements - A good Bubble game, Battle Fire, Water, Air and Earth in this high-quality bubble shooter.
  • X-Avenger - You fly a space ship named X-Avenger equipped with the latest weapons and technology, and travel from planet to planet through wormholes and eradicate your foes the Orion invaders.
  • Acamar Rising - A 3D space shooter where a lone fighter must defend a space station against the many threats of space, from asteroids to aliens.
  • Nuclear Ball - Shareware games; New dimension of 3D gaming experience.
  • Nuclear Ball 2 - Get ready to blow things up in the most explosive arcanoid-style game ever.
  • Season Match - The Snow Queen is furious about her mirror to be broken. She decides to make winter stay forever in the fairy-land. Now, you are the one to save everybody and beat the wicked Queen
  • Astrobatics - Burst through all the missions of the fierce space war in this excitingly intense action game.
  • Atomaders - Various enemy cyborg types. Make you way through enemy attack waves in your task of liberating planet systems from alien cyborgs invasion.
  • Alien Sky - Alien Sky is a great shooting game, which offers numerous ship types for game.
  • Turbogems - Turbogems is a cool gem matching game. Line up the falling blocks to make matches of 3 or more of blocks of same type.
  • Fishing Simulator for Relax - It’s the simulator of fishing, which will permit you to relax from daily vanity.
  • 3D Dream Bowl - An exciting bowling simulator with surprising graphics and animations. Play Bowling game on PC.
  • World Cup Manager 2006 - The best football manager game of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
  • Ringer King Horseshoes - A horseshoe simulation with digitized graphics and awesome sound.
  • MiniGolf Pro (SE) - A golf game like no other! You will be challenged by holes with Fans, Transporters, Rotating Platforms, and even mines! Play with your friends Online or on the same computer for endless fun!
  • iSnooker - iSnooker offers an sportful way to you and your friends, and also lets you chat with each other.
  • Run for the Roses - GATHER the gang and compete on who can build the biggest bankroll FINE TUNE your handicapping system LEARN how to place a variety of wagers or, just ENJOY the RACES!
  • Universal Soccer Manager 2 - The fastest soccer management game available today for mac and pc platforms.
  • The Goalkeeper - The Goalkeeper is a PC/MAC Goalkeeper game, with it you can take the role of a great goalkeeper.
  • PoolScore - PoolScore allows the setup, team selection, and scoring and reporting of an office pool. The format is designed to conform to the structure of the NCAA college basketball tournament.
  • Tee-Time II - Stand-Alone reservations system for two golf courses. Individual control and simultaneous entry for each course.
  • iPool - iPool is a great pool game that supports you play and chat with others on Internet.
  • 3D Live Pool - A 3D Pool Game which allows you to play 3-Ball, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 15-Ball, Straight, Rotation, BlackJack and Bonus games.
  • 3D Live Snooker - A 3D snooker game on your computer with full 3-D environment and perfect 3Dd sound. It can support short snooker (10 reds) and full snooker (15 reds) games
  • Kingthon Sports Games - A big collection of funny sports' games, which includes hundreds of exciting sports games, such as skate games, bowman games, racing games.
  • Gutterball 2 - Strike the ball BIG, experience flavorful 3D graphics, smooth mouse controlled ball-rolling, hilarious characters.
  • Wicket Wackers - The original 2d version, Top down view showing all the arcade action. Play with up to 12 friends League/Cup against a friend in a 2 player game, Action replays with controls.
  • Putt Mania - An arcade-style miniature golf game that features realistic physics in a vibrant 3D world.
  • Sudoku 9981 - Amazing, challenging, intriguing, and entertaining puzzle game.
  • Sudoku2PDF - Print unlimited sudoku puzzle to PDF file.Create and personalize your sudoku ebook.
  • Magic Games Collection - Magic Games is a pack of six engaging puzzle games: Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Logic Trainer, Magic Tetcolor and Combat Engineer.
  • Magic Sokoban Gold - Magic Sokoban Gold is a classical 3D puzzle game that is popular with lots of game players.
  • Magical Color Slider - It is so interesting that makes players like it very musch.
  • Critical Seeker April Fool version - Challenge your observational power with this smart photo hunt game.
  • Frootz - Take a break! Frootz will take you away your busy office.
  • MaxGammon - MaxGammon is a classical backgammon board game remake.
  • Double Connect - Match balls of the same color as soon as possible, and you will get the high scores at the end of game.
  • Tropical Puzzle - Take you into a wonderful tropical world with sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and many others.
  • Real Jigsaw Puzzle - Play puzzles using your favorite photos - it is the most feature-rich and handy puzzle game you've ever seen.
  • Jewel of Atlantis - A new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style mayhem
  • Solid Spheres Deluxe - Work your way through 85 levels of pure puzzling fun in this exciting and original puzzle game.
  • KosJCross - Play these Japanese crossword puzzles that contains lots of pictures coded by numbers.
  • The prodigious Escapee Deluxe Edition - You need to use available tools to clear your way to the exit in the game, and easily create your own puzzles.
  • Chainz 2 - Download Chainz 2 and play to re-enter the exciting realm of link-matching madness.
  • Bejeweled 2 - A wonderful mini computer game with deluxe interface.
  • Chuzzle Deluxe - Download and play Chuzzle Deluxe for fun as well as developing mental ability!
  • Championship Chess Pro - The Battle for the King has begun!
  • Cubis Gold - Download Cubis Gold game and play the game making chains of three or more cubes to remove them from the board.
  • Fiber Twig - Play Fiber Twig to restore the original pattern of forest by connecting cute little twigs.
  • Fiber Twig 2 - Fiber Twig 2. Overwhelming fun in a magic puzzle kingdom.The long-awaited sequel to Fiber Twig.
  • Gem Shop - Play Gem Shop to match gems and sell to customers in virtual puzzle game.
  • Jigsaw365 - Download Jigsaw365 and play jig puzzle with plenty of beautiful pictures.
  • Luxor - An action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt.
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus - This is a powerful free personal firewall for Windows that protects your computer by preventing unauthorized network users and hackers.
  • PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition - PC Tools AntiVirus provides world-leading protection against viruses, worms and Trojans with rapid updates and IntelliGuard technology.
  • PC Tools AntiVirus - Powerful protection against malicious virus infections! Detects, quarantines, disinfects and destroys Viruses, Trojans and Worms.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware Professional - Scan and Remove over 1 million pests and threat components such as VirusRay, AntiVirGear, VirusProtectPro, DriveCleaner, SmitFraud, Vundo, WinFixer, SpyAxe and thousands more!
  • SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition - Free Spyware Remover. Remove WinFixer, SpyAxe, Movieland, SpyFalcon. Free Spyware Scanner. Easily remove over 1 million pests and threat
  • Macromedia(Adobe) Flash Player 9 - Flash Player 9 allows you to enjoy the most expressive, engaging experiences on the Web that combine interactive, rich content with video, graphics and animation.
  • CDBurnerXP - A free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface.
  • StarBurn 10 - StarBurn SDK (Software Development Kit) is world most advanced CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Burning, Grabbing and Mastering Toolkit.
  • AVS DVD Player - Free software DVD Player which can play movie DVDs, video & audio files right on your computer.

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