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Tom Computer Simulator 2.8

A computer simulation with friendly interface designed to teach first time users how a computer works for students who study computer.

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File Size:5,717 KB System:Windows 98/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($189.00) Limitations:function limitation
Date Added:03-24-2006 Requirements:none

Main window - Tom Computer Simulator
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Software Description:
Tom Computer Simulator stands for Thoroughly Obedient Moron and is a computer simulation designed to teach first time users how a computer works. It is entirely mouse driven, so no keyboard skills are required at all. Tom Computer Simulator allows simple programs to be input and executed whilst the memory and registers are visible. This gives a very immediate feel of what programming is all about. Concepts such as 'flow of control' can be immediately appreciated because the execution path is made apparent.

The Tom Computer Simulator gives an interactive visualisation of how the actual underlying machine operates. It shows how the various components of a computer, the registers, the memory, the Arithmetic Logic Unit, the Address Decoder and the Bus are connected together and execute programs. In addition, there are interactive screens that show: how logic gates are used to construct flip-flops and how these are used to build memory, even how the Address Decoder works. Tom Computer Simulator is designed to give the student a complete grasp of the fundamental operation of a machine.

Key Features:
  • The thoroughly obedient moron for demonstrating the fundamentals of how computers work.
  • Have 20 instructions, a manageably small number which nevertheless enables real programs to be written.
  • All programs written for TOM can be executed by TOM's machine, as shown on the previous page, where each aspect of execution can be seen in detail.
  • Have been enhanced to allow copying, cutting and pasting of memory contents to facilitate program correction and can display memory contents in decimal, hexadecimal and binary.
  • Logic gates are the fundamental building bricks of digital computers. No student can completely understand the modern digital computer without a firm grasp of what logic gates do and how they can be connected to achieve complex logic circuits.
  • Each interactive display shows an active truth table and explanation text wherever relevant and is backed up by Help File and tutorial style documentation.
Editor's Review:
Tom Computer Simulator is a computer simulator that teaches you how a computer works. It specially suits for inexperienced students to study computing in understanding the fundamentals of computer operation. Any TOM program can be seen executing on the main screen or by TOM's underlying machine. You also can write programs in machine code. Tom Computer Simulator is informative, and its manual is detailed to use without instructor.

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