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  • Home Education Software Updated

    The Home Education Software Updated

    Recite French Words 3.1 - Learning French can become easy and funny with the right tool that is specially developed for increasing vocabulary.

    ReadPal 2.0 - Read Emails (Outlook & outlook Express), MS Word documents, Internet Explorer (Web pages), and Text files.

    WinFlash Educator 9.1 - Award-winning Flashcard Study and Testing System - Memorize study material fast!

    Recite German Words 3.1 - Learn any German words, expressions, idioms, phrases, etc. easily whenever you are working or playing.
    Simple Money 2006 1.2.2 - Keep track of credit card charges, payments and so on, it makes people well know personal finance.

    FindGraph 1.571 - Comprehensive graphing and curve fitting tool for engineers, scientists and graduate students.

    Recite Japanese Words 3.1 - When you work, study or play on your computer, you can master all kinds of Japanese words easily from the screen.

    Recite Italian Words 3.1 - A unique method to learn Italian or English, which is different from the traditional and boring way.
    Recite Russian Words 3.1 - Master all kinds of Russian words to increase your Russian vocabulary.

    IDEAL Calendar 4.7 - Displays a dialog and plays a sound on the occasions the user specifies.

    GS Typing Tutor 2.86 - Learn to touch type, improve typing skills with amusing and effective ways.

    To-do List 2.4.0 - Manage your list of tasks, making your life easier and more organized.
    Address & Phone Book Pro 9.01 - Enter someone's name and address including 4 phone numbers, Birthday, E-mail Address, etc.

    Home Inventory Plus 5.2a - Store its name, location, serial number, date purchased, original cost, and remarks.

    KidSplorer Web Browser - Maintain a database of approved KidSafe sites that your child can access.

    Learn Chinese 6.0 - A simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool for the beginners and senior learners to learn chinese.
    NavTools Route 4.14 - Create your own routes using unlimited number of waypoints, and monitor vessels performance while sailing this route.

    Auto Maintenance Plus 5.2a - Store its name, location, serial number, date purchased, original cost, and remarks.

    Daily Planner/Journal 4.0a - Plan out your days for the next 100 years, enter daily thoughts, experiences and plan out Things to Do.

    Diving Log 4.0.3 - Manage your dives, clear logbook with word processing, and link dives with graphic files etc.
    Recite Japanese Words 3.1 - When you work, study or play on your computer, you can master all kinds of Japanese words easily from the screen.

    WordBanker English-Italian 4.1.4 - Easy and fun method of learning English and Italian, and the unique way to make you learn without realizing.

    Birthday Calendar Reminder v3.2 - A newly designed reminder software and has easy-to-use functions and outlook like interface.

    BREAKTRU REMIND 7.5 - A fantastic timer, alarm, calendar, and schedule program that can be accessed from your system tray.
    OrgScheduler 2.3 - A universal scheduling system for your individual, offices, business events with unrivaled features.

    TrayDay 7.01 - Let you see the date at a glance, and has a handy pop-up calendar with week numbers.

    MyLife w2.51 - An alarm/reminder/to-do time/task manager/organizer that can organize your schedule efficiently.

    OrgScheduler LAN 3.1 - A network calendar and scheduler to manage and share your schedules and plans.
    Remind-Me 4.1 - Remind you holidays, birthdays, or any regularly scheduled event using an attractive traditional calendar.

    Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager 3.1 - The Smart Solution For Your Grocery Shopping And Cooking!

    The Recipe Processor 2000 6.2 - Offers a search function for recipes by ingredient(s), categories, recipe name, directions text, or wildcard.

    AccuChef 6.6 - An recipe software that allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more.
    Cookbook 4.0 - Create your own categories and then add recipes to your database easily..

    Electronic Recipe Manager 3.5 - Add recipes with the click of a button using the superior parsing technology available in the storage bin utility.

    My Recipes 2.0 - A program for collecting, organizing and printing your favorite recipes.

    Now You're Cooking! 5.74 - Manage all your recipes and grocery costs, create shopping lists and so on.

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