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Disk Tools

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DiskInternals NTFS Reader 2.0 - DiskInternals NTFS Reader is a freeware tool that provides a read access to NTFS disks from Windows 95, 98 and Me.
SizeMe 2.0 - SizeMe makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need.
Safely Remove 1.5 - Safely Remove has been developed for those people who extensively use USB devices and do not want to waste time on routine operations.
SBMAV Disk Cleaner 2.76 - SBMAV Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool for cleaning cobwebs of useless information clogging your system.
Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 - A suite of disk software including Acronis Partition Expert, OS Selector, Recovery Expert and Disk Editor.
Drive 3.01 - Launch disk, browse drive, create virtual drive, autorun CD, open, browse, run, or play your data and audio CDs automatically.
DupKiller 0.6.3 - Search and remove duplicate files from any location and enable to select specified files and folders not to scan.
Ruby 0.90.2 - A program designed to catalog the files on CD-Rs. A search can be initiated on the database just like the Windows Find feature. Find the disc that a particular file is on with this utility.
WinRescue 2000 2.08.34 - Four Tools in One: Crash Fixer, RegPack, File Backup, and Troubleshooter. WinRescue protects your computer from crashes.
Extra Drive Creator Professional 6.6 - Create crypted drives, virtual CD-ROMs, virtual drives based on files, virtual drives based on folders, and RAM-drives easily.
R-Drive Image 3.0 - Create disk image file and enable to restore from the image, create startup disks, copy a disk to a disk and so on.
Space Hound 4 4.0.1773 - Sniff out wasted space with The Best Duplicate File Finder available. It eliminates duplicate and unused files that are cluttering up your hard drive and causing problems.
SimDisc 3.02.816 - A virtual drive tool that can install up to 63 virtual drives on your PC, make virtual discs, and backup them to your hard disk.
Sprintbit File Manager 2.6 - File Manager breaks the Windows Explorer limitations and includes many of features that you have not seen in any of other programs of this type.
AnyReader 1.8 - AnyReader is a great solution to read data or information from various corrupt or damaged media such as flash, LAN/Wi-Fi, HDD, CD/DVD, Floppy, USB flash.
SizeExplorer Pro 3.7.5 - Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts, statistics, clickable reports, etc.
EF Commander 5.00 - A useful tool for file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client, that has two windows for managing files such as copying, deletion, removing, editor, pack, unpack, etc.
EF File Catalog 0.996 - Catalog whole disks or only single directories with familiar Explorer-like user interface and makes it available for offline browsing and searching.
Filehunter - A search file utility that can find misplaced files on multiple drives and directories, locate search strings, display search results, view files and perform file operations.
EF Duplicate Files Manager 4.60 - Find out and remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on specify paths. Handle optional like folders the ACE, ARC, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, CPIO, GZIP, IMG, ISO (ISO9660), LHA, RAR, PRM, TAR, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO archives.
EF Find 3.20 - Look for files, text, HEX sequences and regular expressions inside archive files. Support most of the archives and multiple languages.
CloneSensor 1.00 - CloneSensor is a very different duplicate file finder with a view to organizing the collections of files. It has ultra fast searching speed with special optimized algorithm.
CDVista 1.46 - CDVista enables you to scan your removable drives or photo CDs and store thumbnail images of the pictures on your PC.
Hexprobe Storage Encryption Tool 1.3 - Hpsetool is a simple, easy to use storage encryption tool that encrypts and password protects your removable and external disk.
Mutilate File Wiper 2.92 - Mutilate File Wiper is a file shredder or file eraser that securely deletes sensitive files.
Diskeeper Server Enterprise 10.0 - Diskeeper Server Enterprise is a super system tool that improves system performance.
Softick Card Export 1.14 - Copy data from your computer to your Palm handheld Secure Digital or Multimedia card and vice versa without performing HotSync operation.
Softick Card Export II 2.22 - Quickly install Palm OS applications to the storage card, transferring audio and video content to the cards.
Softick Card Export II PPC 2.11 - Emulate industry standard USB Mass Storage device on Windows Mobile or Pocket PC handhelds.
EF CheckSum Manager 3.40 - Designed for the integrity examination of files on the standard formats SFV and MD5, it can verify existing checksums and create new checksum for your important data.
1st Disk Drive Protector 2.01 - Protect your PC from abusive use of removable media and enforce whether your users are allowed to use removable media or access your local drives. 1st Disk Drive Protector lets you hide, lock and prevent usage of local, network, Floppy and USB drives.
Datacatch Librarian Standard Edition - Instantly find any file, photo, design, backup, or download stored on CD, DVD, flash memory or removable drives. Business archive files or graphic and engineering designs are now at your finger tips.
Easy Disk Drive Safeguard 2.03 - To hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for them. A password protection can be applied to the program to prevent your users from changing the security settings.
ID Unlocker 1.2 - ID Unlocker is a high quality performance application, transcending absolutely all error-messaging programs and unblocking access to all files.
ID Disk Creator 1.2 - ID Disk Creator allows you to store, on a virtual drive, confidential information that you want to keep private. It provides a virtual space, accessible only by the use of a password.
StrongDisk Pro 3.0 - StrongDisk Pro protects sensitive data on your notebook or PC. It creates virtual encrypted disks, which work as common disks. All content of these disks is encrypting on-the-fly with strong crypto-algorithms.
ADRC Hard Disk Checker 1.01 - A free disk utility that checks the health of your hard drive. It scans your hard disk for bad sectors and alerts you if the media does not have optimum usability.
Secure data wiper -Secure data wiper a data erasure tool permanently wipes the entire hard disk drive partitions and removes all deleted confidential data files & folders.
Software Oasis File Splitter Utility - The Software Oasis File Splitter UtilityTM is a Windows program that makes splitting files simple. The utility will safely split any file into pieces of any size and then later combine the pieces to form the original file.
Flash Wiper 2.1 -Flash Wiper works fine with all popular flash cards and flash drives. It supports Compact Flash, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card Flash Card.
HDD Health 3.3 - HDD Health is a full-featured failure-prediction agent for machines using Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 and XP.
Total Wipe 1.20 -This powerful program helps you to shred important files so that they cannot be restored and nobody can even guess what information a file contained.

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